Yahoo Finance: World Cup Travellers Put at Ease by BRIC Language Systems

BRIC Language Systems in Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance featured BRIC Language Systems recently, and discussed BRIC’s World Cup package and partnership with Brazilian travel agency, See You in Brazil.

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World Cup Travellers Put at Ease by BRIC Language Systems

BRIC Language Systems, the Leader in Online Language Training, Has Developed a Training and Travel Program That Is Putting American Soccer Fans at Ease Amid Travel Warnings for Rio

NEW YORK, NY and RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL–(Marketwired – May 6, 2014) – News of rioting and violence in Rio de Janeiro has cast a shadow over the upcoming World Cup in recent weeks. It has also dampened many fans spirit and desire to attend one of the great spectacles in all of sport. However, many fans are finding comfort in learning the language and BRIC Language Systems, a NYC based company and their partner See You in Brazilhave a solution. BRIC’s already popular World Cup Course is only becoming more popular with followers of the game. While the course wasn’t developed specifically for security concerns, knowledge of the language and travelling with a respected local travel agent are putting customers at ease.

According to BRIC Language Systems Founder & CEO Ryan McMunn, “We developed the World Cup Course and travel partnership with See You in Brazil to provide a fun way to learn the language and enhance the experience of those travelling to Brazil.” The real time online courses include information on teams, stadiums, and the cities the games will be played in. The course was made available last fall to much fanfare and has become amongst soccer fans across the country. “About a month after launching the course BRIC formed a partnership with See You In Brazil. The idea was to arrange travel and accommodations for the games allowing our customers good travel options. It has been very successful,” says McMunn.

With the recent news of violence however, BRIC has found that this is providing much more than a fun learning experience for its customers, it is providing a sense of security. While the course was not set up to address security, the BRIC Language team had the foresight to devote entire sections of the course to personal safety, security, unforeseen events, and emergencies. That has made buyers of the World Cup Course and Travel Packages feel better about their decision to attend. Steve Johnson, a BRIC student feels good about his plans to go to the World Cup and believes “that the BRIC World Cup Course is a great way to not only learn about Brazilian futbol culture, but the police contact and emergency information is invaluable.”

The partnership with See You In Brazil has allowed BRIC to also provide students with the opportunity to travel to Brazil with the knowledge that they are going with a well-respected travel agency. The destinations provided include every exciting venue that the world cup will be played in, so customers can pick their team to follow and go to the games they want to see. The packages include hotels ranging from 3 to 5 stars and all have security in place to ensure the safety of soccer fans.

The pairing of language proficiency gained from BRIC’s world-class courses and See You in Brazil’s knowledge of the country has many feeling much better about their upcoming trips. For more reassurance, travellers can look to Brazilian futbol legend Ronaldo, who feels that the “World Cup will pass off peacefully despite renewed fears about civil unrest.” For those soccer fans that have been reluctant to go, BRIC does offer an intensive course and See You In Brazil also offers Last Minute World Cup Package, so it’s not too late to put a trip together.

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