BRIC Language CEO Captivates at ICT for Language Learning Conference

BRIC Language founder and CEO, Ryan McMunn, spoke to an enthusiastic audience in Florence, Italy last month. His speech at the ICT International Conference for Language Learning explained the high demands for language skills in today’s America, as well as the shortcomings of competitors like Rosetta Stone and Berlitz.

Ryan’s speech adds to his international acclaim and credibility within the sphere of language learning, and has been featured in Yahoo Finance.

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Yahoo Finance Covers BRIC Language Systems

NEW YORK, NY and FLORENCE, ITALY–(Marketwired – Dec 3, 2014) – Ryan McMunn, CEO and Founder of BRIC Language Systems delivered a targeted speech at Rosetta Stone, Berlitz, and the US Government. McMunn believes these two companies do a disservice to American language learners and that the US government has done the same.

The speech, given on November 13th in Florence, Italy was based on his paper The Evolution From “Ignorant American” to “American Polyglot.”  The paper lays out just how bad the language deficit is in the US and how we got to this point. It dispels the myth that Americans are uninterested in foreign language & culture, and offers a solution to the problem, BRIC’s blendTech language learning system.

McMunn used statistics to illustrate both parents’ desire for their children to learn languages, and students’ independent desire to learn to dispel the myth. He also demonstrated the need for America Inc. to hire and retain multi-lingual employees through increased pay of between 5% and 20%. Lastly he showed the US government’s demand for multi-lingual employees despite its failure to fund and teach foreign languages both before and after the 40% budget cuts of 2012.

Mr. McMunn then took pointed aim at Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur. Two companies he believes are great marketing companies, but very poor language training companies. According to McMunn, “they’ve been able to take completely outdated software, put it in a pretty box, and sell a product that doesn’t work.”

McMunn also says that these two companies are “not only failing their students with poor language training, but actually doing them a disservice.” He says that after “failing to learn a language in school, then failing again with products like these, students come to believe that they are not language people. That is simply not true, anyone can be a language person with the right tools.”

The solution to America’s language deficit is not technology alone. It is a blending of the traditional teacher lead classroom and modern technology. This is exactly what BRIC Language System’s blendTech virtual training delivers. All BRIC lessons include a live teacher, based in ChinaMexico, or Brazil instructing young professionals and corporate clients based in the US. The content is modern and interactive. It appears on-screen along side the teacher. The courses are customizable to the student within the framework of the system and offer real life situational learning. These are all advantages that companies like Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur, and Berlitz do not offer.

The speech was very well received and among the most widely attended of the conference. It has already helped secure future university speaking engagements, a television interview, and further positioned McMunn as a true expert in the field. BRIC Language Systems continues to innovate with its new 2016 Olympic Brazilian Portuguese Course. The course, having just come online, is already very popular and gaining traction with Olympic hopefuls wanting to learn about the language and culture Brazil. Mr. McMunn is looking forward to being back at the ICT Conference next year.


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