World Cup Bracket Challenge!

We at BRIC are very excited about the World Cup, and have put together a World Cup Bracket!

It’s very simple: just fill out the two teams (from each group) that you think will make it from the Group Stage into the Round of 16, then pick which teams you think will advance in each round (even if you don’t know who is playing who).

The winner of the World Cup Bracket will get a free 12 Hour Language Package of your choice!

Good luck!

  • Joey B.

    This is awesome. Great way to get involved in an event that I don’t care one bit about!

  • BRIC Language Systems

    Vai Brasil!

  • circleNOTL7

    I think everyone’s bracket got wrecked after the thrashing Spain took…

  • BRIC Language Systems

    Yeah pretty sure that JT’s chances of winning free language courses are done! Unless he wants signs up for the Bracket Starting in Round 2! Go Team USA!

  • BRIC Language Systems

    WeGhanaWin! USA 1 – Ghana 0 Go USA!!!