World Cup 2014: A Consumer’s Guide

The World Cup in Brazil is less than a month away! Check out this infographic created by Sports Management Degree Hub for fun and interesting facts!

  • Juliane Albuquerque

    Very Intersting!! I didn’t know many things… Cool! ;)

    • Lidi Albuquerque

      Thank you Juliane! I’ve also learned some things here I didn’t know before!

  • Karina Passos

    This is great information! I learned some facts I wasn’t aware of, and I am Brazilian!

  • Paulo Otavio D. Rodrigues

    The population on the info graphic is wrong! Almost 200 million, not 2 million!

    • Lidi Albuquerque

      Yes, I am aware of that Paulo, and have already requested the people that created this to correct this error.