Why Learning Portuguese Can Be Beneficial to Your Business

Whether you own your own business or you want to work for a company with offices abroad, learning Brazilian Portuguese can give you a leg up. It’s spoken by some 260 million speakers and is the sixth most natively-spoken language globally. In terms of branching out for business, that translates to a whole lot of prospects. The opportunity that awaits you as a business person is widespread.

Here’s how learning Portuguese can be beneficial to your business.

Learning Portuguese: Increasing Job Prospects

Brazil’s economy is the eighth largest in the world, enjoying strong recent growth. As a huge player in international business, it makes sense that knowing the language will give you an advantage in your business dealings. The ability to communicate with companies, leaders and foreign clients in their native language is priceless, opening up a whole new world of business prospects, both here and abroad.

When you can communicate in their native language, you show that you are serious about your business.

An Economic Edge

Portuguese isn’t always mentioned in the same sentence as, say, Spanish or Mandarin when discussing foreign languages that give business owners an advantage in the business world. In America, it’s simply not as popular as Spanish and Mandarin, but it’s no less valuable. In fact, that’s precisely why you should learn it to give you more opportunities in the marketplace.

No one can ignore the looming economic rise of Brazil, which happens to be the largest Portuguese speaking nation in the world. With a market of more than 200 million people to its credit, a large amount of natural resources, and a long history of economic growth, Brazil is certainly an entity to be reckoned with.

And because the total number of Portuguese speakers around the world is growing by leaps and bounds each year, it would be a mistake not to get in on the ground level now. Some say by 2050, the number of Portuguese speakers will grow to 335 million.

When you consider that there aren’t many native English speakers who also speak Portuguese, you realize you have a lot more potential opportunities when you invest the time to learn Brazilian Portuguese.

Portuguese is a romance language, just like Italian, French and Spanish. But don’t worry. Even though English isn’t a Romantic language, the two have more in common than you may at first assume. It has to do with Latin roots, as both languages take a lot from Latin. As such, many Portuguese and English words look and sound very similar.

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