Which Country is Best to Study Business

Students who decide to study abroad while they’re young are already ahead of the game. Gaining such valuable international experience before even reaching the workplace puts them light years ahead of their peers. Being multilingual means they have a better understanding of various cultures and how business operates within each.

Forbes recently ranked the best international cities in which to study business abroad and here’s what they came up with.

Sydney Australia: As the country’s most populous city, Sydney has incredible beaches, a laid-back lifestyle, cosmopolitan culture and liberal attitude, making it perfect for international students who want to study in the world’s 12th largest economy and fifth in income per capita. It’s got a ton of business schools to its credit, including Melbourne Business School and College of Business and Economics, Australian National University.

Vienna, Austria: An ideal city in which to study, Vienna has a relaxed pace of life with plenty of things for students to do on their off hours, from parks to museums. The public transportation system is one of the best around, too. The cost of living is low yet the standard of living is high.

Sao Paulo, Brazil: It’s the fifth-most-populous country and seventh-largest economy in the world, home to Rio Carnival and the second largest stock exchange on the planet. The cost of living is low and the food is amazing. The architecture is internationally renowned and the beaches aren’t too shabby either!

Shanghai, China: Backed by a unique blend of ancient and modern civilization, Shanghai is known for its scenic beauty, bustling city life and trendy nightlife. It’s a great place for studying business due to the many diverse opportunities for learning.

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