What Languages Should You Learn to Move to Which Countries?

Do you want to move to another country? It’s critical to research your chosen destination beforehand so you can ensure it’s a proper fit. A key component you’ll have to consider is language. If English is not spoken in your new home, you have to learn the native language beforehand. Otherwise, you could run into a few obstacles.

Here’s how to learn a language before moving abroad.

How to Learn a Language Before Moving Abroad

There are many ways to learn a new language. You can take classes, use apps or try computer software. It’s also good to educate yourself with specific books. It’s a smart idea to combine different tactics so you can learn more efficiently. It’s always beneficial to view a particular country’s movies, TV shows and other media content, as you’ll be able to discover common cultural terminology and references.

Be sure to look into various methods so you can expand your knowledge before you move. Which countries speak which languages? Here are a few popular destinations for American citizens and the languages you’ll need to learn to live there.

1. The Philippines

The Philippines has been a sought-after destination for younger and older expatriates alike. That’s mainly due to its low costs for rent and utilities, but you’ll also love its pleasant weather conditions. Plan to learn Filipino, as it’s both the official and national language. Some residents speak English, but it’s more common to hear Filipino throughout the country.

2. Italy

If you want to move to Italy, you should learn Italian. That said, you’ll want to study regional dialects, as well. Italians sometimes use accents and phrases that align with their local areas. These specific dialects often include colloquial Latin inspiration. It’s not a must to learn regional dialects, but it’s a topic you could explore.

3. Brazil

The Brazilian people speak Portuguese. You’ll have to learn Brazilian Portuguese specifically if you want to move there. There are several differences between both languages, so it’s essential to know the correct version. Otherwise, you’ll likely feel confused when you arrive. Plus, you should note that Spanish won’t be enough for life in Brazil. Still, it’s a good starting point because it shares a few foundational rules.

4. Singapore

Singapore differs from most countries in that it has four common languages. They include Malay, the national language, and English, Chinese and Tamil. As a result, it’s beneficial to know one or more of these tongues before you move.

5. Denmark

This Nordic country’s national language is Danish. It’s classified as a North Germanic language, so it has evident roots in German. You may encounter people who speak German, along with others who converse in Faroese and Greenlandic. That’s because the Kingdom of Denmark includes the Faroe Islands and Greenland in addition to Denmark.

6. France

You should learn French before you move to France. That’s the country’s official language, but there are also regional dialects, much like in Italy. These include Occitan, Marseille and more. You likely won’t need to dive into those dialects, but you may want to consider it if you’re moving to an area that speaks one.

7. Spain

Spain is a unique country because it has five languages. While Spanish is the official and most commonly spoken language, you’ll also find places within Spain that speak languages specific to those areas. Along with Spanish, four other languages share official status. These are Catalan or Valencian, Basque, Galician and Aranese. In fact, Catalan is spoken by 9 million people to this day.

You’ll get by with Spanish, though you may end up learning another dialect after you move.

If You Want to Move, You’ll Need to Learn These Languages

Are you planning to move or take a long trip to one of these countries? These destinations all have their own dialects, so you’ll want to know what languages are spoken in which countries. Research and learn before you leave for a much smoother experience.