Whether it’s providing your organization with a one-of-a-kind language training system, forming a strategic partnership with your school, or offering a platform that channels our customers to your company’s website, BRIC is always interested in hearing from potential partners.

Business Partnerships

Do you own or run a business in the US, China, Brazil, or Mexico? Contact BRIC about using our one-of-a-kind method at small-, medium-, and large-scale organizations in any industry. We’re ready to provide your staff with the language and cultural tools they need to succeed in international business and can customize packages based on your organization’s needs.


Partner Schools

Do you own or operate a language school in China, Brazil, Mexico, Russia or the US? Contact BRIC to learn more about how you can become one of our partner schools. This is a great way to expand your business and reach the US market at little or no cost for you.

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Foreign Language Teaching Opportunities

Are you a language teacher in China, Brazil, Mexico, Russia or the US? Contact BRIC to hear about exciting teaching opportunities that connect you with young professionals from all over the world!

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Advertising and Marketing Opportunities

Are you looking for creative new ways to advertise in China, Brazil, Mexico, Russia or the US? Incorporate your business into BRIC’s online curriculum. This form of advertising is an inexpensive, yet effective way to reach a large audience that plans to travel or move to these exciting cities!

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