Useful adverbs in Portuguese

Useful adverbs quiz in Portuguese

Today we will learn some useful and important adverbs in Portuguese.
There are adverbs that express quantity, intensity and probability.
In English they end in –ly and in Portuguese the ending is –mente.
Read the list below with some common adverbs, and take the quiz to test what you’ve learned!

Em breve, dentro em breve– shortly, soon . Ex: “Chegarei ao trabalho em breve.” I will get to work soon”

onde – where Ex: “Onde deixei meu celular?” “Where did I leave my cell phone?”

talvez – maybe

somente – only

quase – almost

principalmente – mainly, mostly. Ex: “Ele gosta pricipalmente de filmes antigos.” “He likes classic movies mainly”

provavelmente – probably Ex: “Ela é provavelmente fluente em português.” She is probably fluent in Portuguese.”

especialmente – especially. Ex: “É bom ler livros e ver filmes especialmente se você quer aprender um idioma.” “It’s helpful to read books and watch movies especially if you want to learn a language”