Translation Technology: Use These Tools To Improve Work Productivity

Expanding your business worldwide is essential if you wish to improve your brand awareness and make more profits. Remote hiring is where you start. For example, your headquarters sits in Denver and you need a branch of your office in France. You will have to hire remotely. But the chances are that whoever you are hiring may not speak English, which might be the first language of your company’s country. Using translational technology is essential if you want to bridge that communication gap between you and your staff. Your employee might be an expert but if he cannot understand your instructions, he won’t deliver appropriately. If you want to boost work productivity, all your employees in different places of the world must understand you perfectly and vice versa.

Remote Interpreting using interpretCloud

To communicate effectively with your new staff, you should make use of remote interpreting services. InterpretCloud can prove very useful in helping you interpret your video calls with your remote employee. Considering the recent pandemic and the need to observe social distancing, it is a time that remote interpretation couldn’t have been more helpful. Remote interpreting via InterpretCloud not only helps you translate your message across to your staff but provides a safer means to do so since it works perfectly for the situation at hand. There are many other translation tools you can use to improve work productivity.


Linguee is a powerful translation tool. It combines a dictionary with a search engine and it is everyone’s favorite. When you use Linguee, you can search for words, bilingual texts, and expressions in different languages to check their meanings. Linguee also searches the web for relevant translated documents and can show you how words are being translated throughout the internet. Sometimes it is used with google images to help translators and language learners also. You can combine both this tool and your foreign language skills to boost your career prospects.


It is a collaborative Computer-Assisted Translation tool. It allows the translator, editor, and other contributors to work and collaborate in real-time. It is a cloud-based software that leverages the concept of translation memories. It allows translators to create glossaries for consistent translations. smartCAT supports multilingual translation memories. This feature makes creating and managing translation memories easier than when you use a desktop application. For translators working in mixed language pairs, the multilingual translation memory feature will be extra helpful. SmartCAT streamlines the translation process, allowing different people to work at the same time. makes it one of the translation technology tools people love to use.

Fluency Now

Fluency Now is a translation tool and also a translation memory software. We have the Fluency Now Professional and Fluency Now Enterprise. The professional version is specifically for freelancers. This version is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. While the Fluency Now Enterprise is for organizations. It gives access to extra features like Fluency Flow and a project management solution. Other features that come with it are built-in proofreading software and projects with document statistics.

The free dictionary

The free dictionary is a computer-assisted translation tool that has a wide variety of languages. This comprehensive site is a thesaurus, encyclopedia, and dictionary combined in one. You can get free access to medical, legal, and financial dictionaries in different languages like Spanish, French, Japanese, and Portuguese. There is also a large collection of idioms, quotes, and acronyms. The dictionary has sections that update itself regularly, providing users a word of the day or article of the day. There is a free mobile application of the free dictionary that is compatible with android and iOS devices.

Final word

Before the coronavirus pandemic, some organizations were already applying Working From Home strategies. But since the pandemic struck, the number of remote workers has gone through the roof. This situation has also caused an increase in demand for translation technology tools. New translation tools emerge from time to time. It happens because organizations hire more staff who may have different first languages compared to their employer’s first language. Language shouldn’t be a barrier to getting work done. If you have this problem as a business owner, you should consider subscribing to one of these translation technology tools.