Top Worst Language Learning Tips (DON’T USE THESE)

There are a lot of language learning tips out there; unfortunately, they’re not all helpful or even correct for that matter. There is no magic solution…every language tool out there requires hard work and dedication. Anyone who says learning a language will be a piece of cake is lying. Yes, there are some methods that make it easier than other ways to learn. However, there is never any substitute for good old fashioned hard work.

Here are some of the top worst language learning tips you’ll see on the Internet, and from well-meaning family, friends, teachers, colleagues and students.

You’re Starting Too Late in Life

This couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s always better to start learning new languages as a child but the advice that there’s no point in trying once you’re an adult is bogus. You still have the learning and memory capacity to take on a new challenge, so go for it. It’s never too late to start. Never! In fact, it may be easier on you as an adult because you have the yearning, dedication and time to apply to your new skill.

A Classroom is the Only Place to Learn a Language

While a classroom is certainly one of the places you can learn a language, it’s definitely not the only place – nor is it even the best. Here at BRIC Language Systems, we believe learning takes many forms – including online distance learning from tutors who are based in their native lands. We also believe it’s beneficial to learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. A classroom setting with text books can be beneficial for some people, but we believe learning from native speakers with the opportunity to practice daily is the most effective method.

Choose an “Easy” Language

Well, there really is no such thing. All languages have their difficulties. Yes, some may be more inherently difficult, such as Mandarin Chinese vs. Spanish. But often times your ability to learn is based more on your mindset than on the language. The easiest language to master is the one that you want to dedicate yourself to. If you love the language, you will overcome all the details, from complex grammar to tricky pronunciations to an entirely different alphabet. Staying motivated is key.

Memorize Word Lists

Rote learning with flash cards is something we’ve all grown up doing. It’s not inherently bad – after all, you do have to learn what the words mean and how to say them. However, memorization only takes you so far. It’s far more beneficial to learn a new word each day and study how to apply it to various sentences. Speak it, know it, learn it. Conversing with native speakers can give you an added edge that simple memorization cannot.

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