Top Industries for Multilingual Job-Seekers

How to Get Started in the Industry

Translation and multilingual services are critical to the growth of a business, not only for corresponding with customers or clients across the world, but also for assisting in gaining traction with global business partners. If you have had an interest in utilizing your ability to speak multiple languages or to advance your career through these skills, then this article will provide the necessary guidance to jumpstart your career opportunity!

What Opportunities Are Available to You?

The first step to any endeavor is to know what opportunities are available to you, and what you would be interested in investing your time. Listed below are just three of the most beneficial industries to pursue as a multilingual individual:

  • Healthcare: The medical field is an industry that will not dwindle out because everyone at all ages, in all parts of the world, needs it! Multilingual services are needed for translating medication labels and ingredients for a product to be used at pharmacies around the world, translating between clients and physicians, translating for business deals and expansion, and more!
  • Tourism and travel: If you have an interest in exploring different parts of the world, then translation services for travelers may be the route for you! Even if families are just traveling just to see family across borders, then having a multilingual skillset is beneficial for the company to have on their team. To name a few examples: airlines, ground transportation, tour guides and cruise lines all need translators to accommodate individuals from different parts of the world.
  • Customer support and marketing: Hiring an in-house translator is the key to improving business practicesin the most time-effective and economical method possible. Not only will having a translator on their team be beneficial for translating marketing materials,  product information or labels quickly and without having to pay a separate company for the same service, but you would also aid in business transitions with clients, customers or potential business partners.

 How to Land a Job in the Industry

Locating a job may seem like a chore in any circumstance, but especially when looking to provide multilingual services because you never know where or what you will end up doing! Utilizing job search engines, such as, will be one of the most effective ways to locate a job domestically or even globally. You can customize your level of education, where you would like to work, what type of employment, and more through these job search websites. You may even have an opportunity for performing translation services within your own company! Try asking your supervisor if there are international transfers or plans for global expansion, and what you might need to do in order to qualify for this opportunity.

Submitting a resume that effectively conveys and advocates for your multilingual and professional abilities will be key when applying for this type of employment. Companies do want and need these translation services, but must also see an adequate level of professionalism. Do not worry if you have not yet gained applicable work experience in translation services because submitting a functional resume will successfully highlight your multilingual abilities. Submitting a functional resume shows maturity and self-awareness, while also demonstrating your competency for the position. If you do have translation service experience, ensure to effectively market these skills and update all information on the resume before submitting your application packet.

Do Not Shy Away from this Opportunity!

 If you possess the ability to speak multiple languages, then you have the ability to significantly advance your career! Speaking multiple languages is a hard skill set to obtain and is critical in bridging the gap between groups of people that could not communicate otherwise. This very well may open the door for you to increase your salary, climb to a higher position or even just see another part of the world. Simply knowing what target to aim toward and how to market yourself will make all the difference for pursuing this career venture.


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