Tips for Tourists Visiting Brazil

Thinking of traveling to Brazil soon? With the Olympics and the World Cup on the horizon, we put together a Slideshare that will teach you useful tips for when you arrive in Brazil.

Check it out here!

  • Karina Passos

    Great and very informative tips for everybody visiting Brasil. I like specially the one about salgadinhos. They are really a must try!

    • Lidi Albuquerque

      Thank you Karina! I am glad you liked it! :)

  • Juliane Albuquerque

    So great tips! Essencial for a first time visitors here! All important! I liked the juices and salgadinhos, so I think that tourits need to try! :)

    • Lidi Albuquerque

      Obrigada Juliane! I am happy you found them helpful! I personally love all the variety of juices and the mouth watering salgadinhos! :)

  • Tina Lombardi

    Nice tips!! I’ll keep that presentation to send over email to all my foreign friends visiting Brasil! And there are so many other topics, you should have a part II!

    • Lidi Albuquerque

      Thank you so much Tina! You are 100% right, that are so many other interesting tips and topics to cover, that I should definitely have part II! Tks for the idea! :)

      • Guest

        It’s still much better than Chinese tourists speaking with a European Portuguese accent, don’t you think?

  • Alina Mason

    Very valuable tips! The most important is the language one — so many people still think that Spanish is spoken in Brazil!

    • Lidi Albuquerque

      Thank you Alina! It’s hard to believe some people still think the language spoken in Brazil is Spanish!

      • FalskDansker

        It’s still much better than Chinese tourists speaking with a European Portuguese accent, don’t you think? :)

        • Lidi Albuquerque

          hahaha you have a point FalskDanser! That would be at least unusual and surprising! I would like see a Chinese speaking European Portuguese! ;)

  • Hamilcar King

    These are wonderfully simple tips for first time – or repeat – visitors to Brazil to follow to get the most out of their stay. I’ve visited Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, but need to go back to try salgadinhos, which I only just learned about ! Brazilian language, food, culture, history, geography and people have changed my life, and are sure to change yours too with the help of these ingenious tips.

    • Lidi Albuquerque

      Muito obrigada! Thank you very much for your kind comment Hamilcar! I am happy you liked the tips, and found them useful. I can’t believe you haven’t try salgadinhos yet! Yo have too. There are some restaurants in NY where you can find them. If you want I can recommend you some places!

  • G Nomi

    Great tips Lidi! They are very useful and funny! ) I do recommend “salgadinhos” and some of Portuguese classes to visitors before of the first time in Brazil. They could help a lot to understand better this beautiful country!