Things to Pack That You Didn’t Think of for Your Trip Abroad

Setting out on a trip abroad is stressful enough – add packing to your list, and well, things can get even more overwhelming. The key is to remain calm and come up with a plan. Write everything down beforehand and check off each one as you pack it.

Whether going on a short trip or setting off on an adventure as an expat, here are the top things you need to pack that you didn’t think you needed.

Power Strip

There’s nothing worse than arriving to your hotel room and finding only one outlet. Now you have to choose between leaving the lamp and alarm clock plugged in or charging your computer and phone. If you bring your own power strip, you don’t have to choose. Choose a travel-sized one over a standard sized model for more compact packing. Definitely put travel power strips and portable surge protectors on your list.

Portable Power Banks

When abroad, especially when traveling there, you’ll need your phone and other devices more than usual. You’ll be pulling up your boarding passes, researching places to eat, finding directions, and more. And when you add spotty coverage areas to that stress, your battery will drain even quicker as you try to secure a signal. So, why not bring your own power? Power banks can give you reliable power when you need it.

Dryer Sheets

When abroad, traveling and exploring your new city – often times on foot – you’re doing a lot more walking and hiking than usual. This can take a toll on your feet. Every night upon your return home, put a dryer sheet in each shoe. This will help them stay smelling fresh and aerate them so they’re ready to go for another day.

Packable Down Jacket

Unless you’re headed to the tropics, it’s wise to bring several layers and types of clothing with you. This includes a down jacket you can pack easily. You never know how cold the nights will get, even in moderate climates. A packable down jacket is lightweight and warm, plus it can minimize down to the size of about a football.

Universal Plug Adapter

Traveling overseas without an adapter will only serve to add to your frustration upon arriving at your destination. This is one of the most frequently forgotten things overlooked by travelers. With an adapter, you can use your existing devices, from electronics to hair dryers, without a problem.

Travel Router

Internet connections are never guaranteed when traveling abroad. Signals can be spotty and there aren’t always libraries or Internet cafes around. You’ll need to rely on a wired connection, especially in places like hotels. Bring a travel router with you: they’re small enough not to take up too much space and they will help you stay connected no matter where you are.

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