The UK and Brazil link up to forge technology partnership


The UK is seeing the potential in emerging BRIC economy Brazil. Tech City in East London which is the fastest growing start up tech cluster in Europe has announced that they are partnering with TECNOPUC of Porto Alegre, Brazil which is the largest start up tech cluster in Brazil. With 1,300 companies in Tech City clamoring to work with the 100 companies with TECNOPUC, European companies are eyeing Brazil as a new hub for technology.

“So we are an ideal partner for Brazil, which is fast becoming world-renowned for its innovations in science and technology. TECNOPUC is an inspiring site, with big aspirations and I know that, working with partners in our own Tech City, we will see collaborations on a grand scale,” said The UK’s Foreign Office Minister Hugo Swire.

The first event to take place between the two hubs will be at an international seminar on creative industries being held in Porto Alegre. Minister Swire on a second trip through Brazil to promote UK based business partnership looks to build relationships in other areas going forward, including sports, politics, and education.

Mr Swire said: “I’m sure it will be a great occasion and we are keen that the British Government supports businesses from Tech City and elsewhere in the UK to develop an even greater number of fruitful partnerships with their Brazilian counterparts.”

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