The BRIC Method for Learning a Language

The BRIC Method is a proven way of mastering language. Here at BRIC Language Learning, we know learning a new language can change your life for the better. But while it may sound simple, many people just like you struggle with this prospect and never end up taking the plunge. That’s probably due in large part to ineffective language learning programs you may have used in the past. Perhaps they were too boring, using solely flashcards or textbooks to reinforce principles. Or maybe they didn’t include native instructors in their classes so it was difficult to truly learn about the culture.

Whatever the case, we can help you turn all those negative experiences into a positive. After all, there is no “one size fits all” approach that works for everyone across the board. BRIC, therefore, is unlike other online language learning programs. Rather than use just one method and apply it to all languages, we offer unique programs that work best for all the languages we teach, from Spanish and Mandarin Chinese to Brazilian Portuguese. Each one is just too different, featuring its own unique foundations.

Our online language courses are refreshing, featuring native teachers who are based in China, Brazil and Mexico. By hearing language from a native speaker, you can better understand the nuances of the language. Plus, you get focused insight into the local customs and culture of each land.

Our method is as follows:

  • Identify the learning system that best fits each language and build from there.
  • Find and develop the best local teachers in destination cities.
  • Offer cutting-edge interactive online media to provide a meaningful connection to some of the world’s best teachers with students anywhere on the planet.

In order to achieve these goals, we utilize blendTech, which provides an even blend of traditional teacher-led classroom methods and state of the art modern technology. With blendTech, you get:

  • Online language training from the very best teachers
  • Cultural training
  • Customized lessons
  • The opportunity to meet your teacher when traveling to the country
  • Tips on how you can live like a local
  • Modern and interactive learning programs
  • Recordings of each lesson to better practice during spare time

Learning from a local means you get access to the most up to date material. Plus, because our teachers teach where they live, they can let you in on the customs and etiquette of that country. For example, did you know it’s considered rude to show up on time to a party at a colleague’s home in Mexico? It’s best to show up a few minutes later than the set time.

Taking such a grassroots approach to language training can enhance your chances for success. Start your free trial now!