Summer Internships: Start Applying Now

It’s February and while summer is several months away, the time to start applying for summer internships is now. You want to get ahead of everyone else by submitting your application for consideration, especially for those coveted positions in the hottest companies. Here are some tips for applying for a summer internship abroad.

Actually winter is late by internship application standards; ideally, you want to start applying in the fall the year before the internship is to start. Technically you have now until late May to get your applications in, but keep in mind companies are inundated with the most applications between late February and early April, according to

Overseas companies, government agencies, engineers, banks and defense contractors usually require early deadlines because they have to have time to perform background checks on candidates. For summer internships abroad, early deadlines are key because you’re typically working with a third-party program that acts as a middleman between applicant and company. Now is also the time to ask about financial aid. Spending your summer abroad as an intern can be quite expensive. You won’t be making much money – if any at all – and you have to consider the cost of living, room and board, food, etc.

Many companies will hire their summer interns in the spring as they wrap up their plans for the first fiscal quarter. Getting those applications in as early as possible will give overseas companies plenty of time to take a look at what you have to offer, plus once you’re hired, you can take a load off and enjoy the rest of your school year in peace. In addition, once you know where you’ll be spending your summer, you can start applying for your passport now, which can take up to six weeks to receive.

Importance of Internships

The competition for internships is fierce, especially if you plan to go overseas. Not only are you competing with other kids from the United States, you’re also competing with kids who are applying within their own home country.

In today’s global economy, internships are key, and there are many reasons why. First off, if you have evidence of an internship on your résumé, you stand a much better chance of getting hired full time upon graduation. Even if you’re not getting paid, you’re gaining valuable experience that will augment your future career. With the state of the economy always in flux, it’s not unusual for employers to increasingly rely on interns to replace or enhance areas in which full-time employment has been slashed, says CNN.

You’re also making connections as you network with other interns, as well as office staff, vice presidents, presidents, and other key parts of the organization. In a 2017 survey of over 750 college students done by Lend EDU, over 90% said that connections are the most important factor when trying to get an internship, even more than grades.

Internship Survey Graph

The same applies when it comes to finding the perfect career so the additional connections and relationships built in a business internship are an invaluable bonus.

Pairing your overseas summer internship with other resources, such as perfecting the local language through BRIC Language Systems, can put you over the top when it comes to consideration for all the best internship positions.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started downloading, completing and submitting those summer internship applications!

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