How to Stay Safe and Have Fun in Brazil

If you are planning your dream trip to visit Brazil, we recommend that you follow these smart tips on health and safety, so that you will be able to make the most out of your trip and have the best time of your life!

  • Yellow fever is a risk in certain parts of Brazil, so The World Health Organization recommends that travelers over 9 months of age get yellow fever vaccinations.
  • The CDC recommends vaccine for Hepatitis A.
  • Prevent bug bites by using a repellent that contains 20% or more DEET
  • Good news: Zika and Dengue cases have been decreased dramatically this year, according to Ministry of Health in Brazil, and the country has officially ended its Zika national emergency last year.
  • Make photocopies of your most important documents, including your passport and visa.
  • Learn some basic Portuguese – knowing popular phrases and key expressions will increase your confidence and help you to communicate with the locals. This knowledge will help open many doors for sure.
  • Avoid flashing or showing off your jewelry, smartphone, cash and credit cards. Carry only the money you will need for the day and leave the valuable stuff at home/hotel room, preferably in a safe.
  • Carry a decoy wallet – take an old wallet with a small amount of cash that can be easily given up in case of robbery. Remember to keep it separate from your real wallet.
    • It’s also better to have your wallet in your front pocket or in a pocket that buttons shut.
    • Write down all of your credit and debit card information and leave it with someone that you trust and can reach quickly and easily.
    • Prior to leaving make sure to notify your bank and credit card companies and inform them that you will be traveling internationally to avoid them shutting your card down.
  • Wear your backpack in front of your chest when walking or hiking. Don’t hang it on a chair while dining, place it safely under the table. This goes for purses as well.
  • Don’t bring valuables to the beach.
  • Use ATM inside banks and malls
  • Blend in, dress like a local – Brazilians are very informal, so get yourself a pair of Havaianas, shorts and t-shirts.
  • If you’re unsure ask at the reception of your hotel what neighborhoods are safe.
  • Always take official taxis and in case of Uber, avoid using Uber Pool. Chose UberX.
  • Avoid empty and narrow streets after dark.
  • Avoid alcohol and getting drunk. This is typically when bad things happen, and you don’t want to wind up doing something while intoxicated that winds you up in a Brazilian prison. These are not fun places to spend your vacation!
  • Use common sense, follow your instincts, be streetwise and most importantly: have fun!!
    Brazil is a beautiful country with friendly, happy and welcoming people.