Shanghai Moves Fast

This city moves fast.  When I left for NYC in May, the Shanghai Tower wasn’t visible from anywhere in the city unless you were standing next to it in Lujiazui (the financial district).

I went for a run today and could see it from near the Nanpu Bridge.  It’s approaching the height of Jinmao Tower (to the right) which is taller than the Empire State Building. I’ve been gone less than 3 months and this building is already enormous. So much has changed; new restaurants, new bars, new buildings.

This city is incredible, step outside and you feel the energy.  The Shanghai Tower will be the tallest building in China, and second tallest in the world when it’s complete in 2014. Like the other 2 supertalls in Shanghai, it was designed by an American architectural firm. The Chinese construction boom has hugely benefited foreign architects who have the design and development expertise to build the modern skylines China needs.  With an inhabitable landmass roughly the size of the US from the Mississippi to the east coast, limited agricultural land, and 1.3 billion people Chinese cities have one direction to go…up. US companies have the know-how to get them there.  This is just another example of the opportunities that China’s fast growing economy and Shanghai’s fast paced lifestyle provide foreigners.