Reasons why I love Being An Expat


Where do I begin? I love being an expatriate (expat) in Shanghai for so many reasons.

First off, it’s a city where you can find almost any kind of cuisine. For someone like me, this is a huge advantage, because I’m a ‘fattie’ and enjoy a meal from time to time! There are some really upscale places to eat as well as really inexpensive, yet delicious restaurants.

From about a year ago, this was a dinner with some friends at a spicy restaurant. We had fried catfish and a lot of beer. Then we went to KTV. GREAT NIGHT!

What else is awesome about being an expat in China? The nightlife.

You can go out any given night and find a new friend or drinking buddy. There’s a multitude of bars and nightclubs in Shanghai. They even have a heavy metal bar called Inferno, for the metalheads out there. \m/

There are bars to watch sports in, and clubs for dancing. It’s got a little piece of the pie for everyone.

Another part of the allure of being an expat is to experience new things, new tastes, sights, and smells (not always good), and being in Shanghai makes this easy.

Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur from my trip to Malaysia.

As a jumping-off point to other parts of the world, especially other parts of Asia, it’s pretty amazing. You can fly to Southeast Asia, and beach in Bali or Phuket. You can check out samurai armor in Tokyo, or eat authentic Korean BBQ in Seoul all with very convenient and comparatively inexpensive flights!

Lastly, learning about the culture of another country gives you perspective on your own country’s culture. After living a life so different from the one I lead in the US, I feel like I learn what it means to be an American more each day.

Living outside your home country is fun and adventurous! I would recommend it to anyone. You have the opportunity to see and experience so much, and learn even more! I love being an expat in Shanghai.