Reasons why communication, verbal or written, is vital in language learning

Communication is something we all did even before we were born. How? My mother used to tell me that she used to feel, like every pregnant lady, me kicking in her tummy, and that is one way for an unborn baby to communicate with their mother. Now, communication has been a vital process in every aspect of life whether it is simply exchanging information or learning a particular language. As a student, I am always interested in learning more and more languages and whenever I learnt any new word of any language, I got to understand why and how communication is important in the process of language learning. As the title of this article says communication, both verbal and written, are important in learning language and here we provide you with the reasons for the same:

Helps to share information more effectively

It is supposed, by me, that choosing the right form of communication method happens to help you a lot in delivering information. A company, when hires you, exchange a formal E-mail with you on your appointment on which you revert marking it as an official conversation of your job. Thus, communication and mode help you to share information even more effectively. In language learning too, communication is vital as it ensures that your information is shared in a way it should be.

Helps build confidence to speakers and listeners, both

Learning language increases your knowledge and communication helps you build confidence in the learning process. Learning anything theoretically is good, but it will be more beneficial when you put your knowledge into practicality to build your language hold and confident while communicating. When you try and put your learnings into words and deliver them in front of people, you will learn something new every time and will increase your confidence. Learning is good but if you don’t put it practically then your learning is of no use. Therefore, communication helps you build confidence to both who speaks and who listens.

Ensures clear explanation

Whenever my mother used to get angry with me, she used to stop speaking with me, and I, of course, not knowing the reason of it used to ask my mother to at least communicate what was wrong or what I did. Communicating helps express clear messages to the people (this is what I have been trying to explain to my mother but she never listens). To eliminate gaps, problems, and hurdles, one needs to ensure clear communication.

Exchanging ideas in language learning and helps developing critical thinking

In language learning, it is important for you to know about the new ideas, world news, current affairs which is only possible when you communicate. When you indulge in a conversation with another person, you understand, know-about happenings of your surroundings. Especially in learning anew language, you learn more words, tones, alphabets from others as and when they communicate. Also, it develops critical thinking skills in your mind.

Increase opportunities for more learning and more opportunities to travel

An article by says that if you know or can speak English then you will only be able to communicate to 20% of the world’s population which is quite a less percentage if we look deeply into it. However, learning a new language makes you open to a conversation to more people which is another way to build confidence in yourself, share information, build strong relationships etc. Also, speaking more widely speaking languages makes you comfortable with people from a wide range of countries (depending upon what language or how you speak). To elaborate, if you speak Spanish or French those are among the list of widely spoken languages, you will be able to communicate to people ranging from 24 or more countries having these as their official language.

Learning language without involvement of communication is baseless and of no use. Therefore, usage of communication and its several modes is vital, so you should practice it for learning betterment.


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