BLOC 1: Basics and Pinyin

Choose this level if you have never taken Mandarin or know just a few words.

It usually takes 48 one hour classes to complete each BLOC. For best results we recommend doing two to three classes per week. This is also the best value at only $27/hour.

We also offer packages of 12 and 24 classes.


  • Online lessons from a teacher living in CHINA
  • Cultural training
  • Customized training on the subjects that you’re interested in
  • The chance to meet your teacher when you arrive in China
  • Tips from your teacher who lives in China
  • Modern & interactive learning content
  • Recordings of each lesson for practice
  • Idiomatic expressions


  • Hanyu Pinyin pronunciation
  • Basic conversational vocabulary
  • Greetings & introductions
  • Explaining where you’re from
  • Ordering food & nights out
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Athletic clubs
  • Taking a taxi & giving directions
  • Bargaining
  • Renting an Apartment