Popular Spanish Phrases Quiz

Popular Spanish Phrases Quiz

This quiz covers some popular Spanish phrases and idioms as well. Enjoy!

  • Tom Nadler

    I guess my Portuguese is (a bit) better than my Spanish

  • Adam

    I guess I thought my Spanish was better than it is…

  • Lidi Albuquerque

    Hey Adam, some questions are perhaps a bit tricky, but you can find the answers on our post about Spanish idioms ;)

  • Juliane Albuquerque

    A really good quiz!! Intersting! I didn’t know the answer about “pan comido”… But I choose the correct one! :)

    • Lidi Albuquerque

      Thank you Juliane! There is always something new to learn even when you already have a good knowledge of a language right? :)

  • Mike Lee

    4/5… but that’s because I remembered from Squidoo.

  • G Nomi

    Awesome! 5/5… After that quiz I want to learn more Spanish! I want to enroll in BRIC Language!!!

    • Lidi Albuquerque

      great Georgia! You did excellent!! Some expressions are very similar to the ones we have in Portuguese. It’s interesting to observe the similarities! ;)