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Buick – Our Corporate Driver in Shanghai - Ryan McMunn

Buick is not just the name of one of the most popular automotive brands in China, it’s also the English name of one my favorite people in China.  Buick is the name of our corporate driver in Shanghai. He picked me up every morning when I was still... More >>
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Urban Planning Museum - Ryan McMunn

I’m not really one for museums, but this is one that I always enjoy bringing tourists to in Shanghai.  The Urban Planning Museum.  It has historical photos from the old French, British, and American concessions in Shanghai alongside pictures of the ... More >>
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China’s High Speed Rail System - Ryan McMunn

China’s High Speed Rail System is AWESOME I would ride the rails all the time if I was riding like they do in China.  The high speed Harmony Trains are absolutely incredible, traveling in excess of 215 MPH they get you from Shanghai to Beijing in ... More >>
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Chinese Food - Ryan McMunn

One thing I love about traveling to China is the food.  Every region has it’s own distinct flavors.  I like things spicy so tend to go with Szechuan and Hunan Cai.  I also like Xingjiang food which is the northwestern most province in China and pop... More >>