BRIC has partnered with ChinesePod, an easy to use system with over 4,000 entertaining and practical audio & video lessons that make learning the Mandarin language fun. Combine BRIC’s comprehensive and customized language learning solutions with ChinesePod’s quick and easy video lessons to start studying Chinese and reaping the rewards.

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ChinesePod Video Lessons

What is ChinesePod

ChinesePod creates Mandarin Chinese lessons with real language that native speakers use, not stiff, unnatural textbook phrases that won’t do you any good in the real world. With a community of over one million people studying to learn Mandarin Chinese, ChinesePod is here to help you invest in yourself and reach your personal language learning goals.

Study Your Way

With ChinesePod’s video lessons there’s no need to study lessons in a specific order. Each individual lesson covers a unique topic and each is situational, meaning you won’t get stuck spending time studying items that don’t bring you any benefit for your specific needs.

Chinese Video Lessons
Use Promo Code APRIL100 for $100 Off Subscriptions