Yesterday on their last game of the first stage, Brazil played Cameroon at Estádio Nacional in Brasília, the country’s capital.

The pressure in the air was intense, especially after the 0-0 draw with Mexico last week, as well as many surprises (Spain’s elimination, Chile’s great performance, etc.) The tension in the stadium could be felt even here in New York!

After unsuccessfully spending the entire morning trying to find a bar that would broadcast Brazil’s game, (many were showing only Mexico vs. Croatia), and that would also not be too overcrowded, I decided to take a friend’s suggestion and go to this nice little bar in Midtown Manhattan, where we would have all the space to jump and gesticulate every time Seleção scored a goal. Some places were way too full, and I didn’t feel like watching the game packed in like a can of sardines, and not be able to even budge when Brazil scored.

I am an optimist after all, and despite this team not having yet showed the outstanding game Brazilians are used to, I was still expecting a few goals, and was confident in Brazil’s ability to make it to the finals.

Yesterday’s game proved that! After Neymar scored twice, followed by Fred and Fernandinho, we could breathe a sigh of relief. I am far from being a soccer expert, but I could see the team had improved a bit. Scoring 4-1 over Cameroon was really amazing, and gave us the boost we needed to advance with confidence to the Round of 16, when Brazil faces Chile next Saturday. That still worries me, I have to say.

But regardless, I am already starting to learn how to make a pisco sour, so hopefully I’ll be able to celebrate the next game drinking Chile’s national cocktail!

Vai Brasil!

  • Carol Pozzi

    Yeah!!! Now we will get to the next fase with lots of energy!! Vai Brasil!!!

    • Lidi Albuquerque

      That’s right Carol! Let’s face Chile and drink Pisco afterwards!

  • Patrícia Costa

    Hey, Mick Jagger, Chile is the winner! *lol*

    • Lidi Albuquerque

      hahaha is he supporting Chile? Awesome! We are fine then! lol

  • Karina Passos

    It’s great to know that so many people are tuned in the World Cup! I thought the…

    • Lidi Albuquerque

      Thank you Karina! here in NY everybody is super excited about the World Cup! Maybe as much as in Brazil ;)