My First Trip To America

I recently took my first-ever trip to America, and it was an interesting time to say the least. I spent a full week in New York City, which turned out to be an absolute blast. I saw many interesting things and had a great time. One of the most memorable nights was a Tuesday night with Ryan and some of his friends. Ryan made plans for us to see a Broadway show, so after a productive day at the office, we set out to Times Square.

Everyone knows the sight of Times Square – towering buildings, massive flashy advertisements, lights flooding the sky – but you can never really understand what it’s like until you experience it first-hand. After wandering around and taking in the scene, we settled down at a nice little Japanese restaurant for a pre-show meal. After enjoying some good conversation over sake and sushi, we made our way to the theater.

That night we saw a Disney production called Newsies. The story followed a group of young boys who sold newspapers in old New York City, struggling to make a living and striking against their newspaper company for better wages. The songs were catchy, the dancing was great, and the actors were very talented. Not only was the show spectacular, but the venue couldn’t have been better. The production was held at the Nederlander Theater, which is nearly 100 years old and provided the perfect atmosphere for a show. Right now, I still feel like I am in NYC.

From there, the night became even more interesting. We decided to go for a few drinks… and, as you know, “a few drinks” always leads to something more like “a lot of drinks,” and that night was no exception. Our bar of choice was McSorley’s Old Ale House, a historic Irish Pub in Lower Manhattan that was established in 1854, making it one of the oldest (if not the oldest) places to grab a drink in New York. Upon entering, I found myself in the midst of 150 years of history: the walls were adorned with photographs and newspaper articles chronicling the pub and its patrons throughout the years. Behind the bar were countless old artifacts that you could easily stare at all night. As far as food and drink goes, the selection was very simple. McSorley’s brews its own beer, so you simply order dark or light, and for $5 you are presented with two glasses. The bar food was great too, and equally cheap.

With the closing of  McSorley’s 158 year old doors, our night drew to a close. New York City was full of adventure, but this definitely ranked as my most memorable night. I could go on forever, but to make a long story short – good friends, good beer, good food, and good times. My first time in the States was unforgettable, and I definitely look forward to returning and seeing what else the place has to offer.