Love Me Some Mexican Food

Eating Mexican Food in Mexico

Love Me Some Mexican Food!

This was a small shop I found on the streets of Mexico City.  We had good meetings the day before and then went out that night for an amazing traditional Mexican dinner.  The margarita race we partook in had me feeling a little bit under the weather so I went for a walk through the city.  I stumbled across this beauty of a food stall and knew that there could be no better pre-meeting breakfast than a gigantic chicken leg.  It may have been turkey…I’m not really sure but it definitely didn’t matter, it was “delicioso” as they say in Spanish.  It absolutely brought me back to life and was 100% the reason my meetings that day went well. “Y un prospero ano nulvo” indeed Chicken Pollo!


Post meeting dinner….rotisserie goat, also delicious.  For those of you that think good Mexican is just tacos and burritos…get to Mexico City for some of the best food in the world!

Carne Asada