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I’m sure you know that Brazil is famous for coffee. Brazil is actually the world’s largest producer of coffee, with the five of 26 Brazilian states producing the adored bean, including the states of São Paulo, Bahia, Espirito Santos, Paraná, and Minas Gerais.


Regions in Brazil have an ideal climate for coffee plantations, with distinct dry and wet seasons. This allows them to ‘dry-process’ the beans meaning the bean is dried inside the cherry. The ‘wet-process’ involves removing several layers around the coffee bean. Each has distinct flavors and nuances.

But have you ever heard of the Brazilian coffee drink called a cafezinho? It literally translates from Brazilian Portuguese to ‘little coffee’, but it’s a little cup of some powerful and sweet stuff! It’s the hip thing to order for breakfast, especially if you are hanging out in one of the cafés around town reading the paper. You should know that it is extremely sweet though. I mean it’s like a thimble of strong coffee with a half pound of sugar.

Try to familiarize yourself with cafezinhos because you’ll be served them everywhere in Brazil, for breakfast, during the day, after dinner. You should know that Brazilians like to do business in cafés too, so if you can get the right beverage or have a little bit of knowledge about this beloved drink, you may find yourself new opportunities.