Why Learning from a Native Speaker is Better

Learn from a Native Speaker

You may have tried listening to language instruction on tape. Maybe you’ve purchased book after book to no avail. Maybe you even attended a language class at the local college. However, none of it is working because you’re not retaining what you’re learning. What can you do to better learn your chosen language AND retain it so you can speak it fluently?

We have the solution here at BRIC Language Systems, with an innovative approach to learning anything from Mandarin Chinese to Brazilian Portuguese to Spanish. We realize it’s daunting to take on any new endeavor, which is why we’re offering you a Language Learning FREE Trial so you can see what we’re all about and what sets our approach above all others. We give you a one-on-one, 30-minute session with a language teacher based in China, Brazil or Mexico, plus you get access to interactive online content and white boards for writing and drawing.

Before we get into details, let’s take a look at why learning from a native speaker is better than learning a language on tape or from a book.

You aren’t alone. Before, when studying in a remote corner of your library or from your desk at home, you were reading and writing details of the new language on your own, with no one to bounce feedback off of. Now, you can take this powerful opportunity to connect with language partners around the world, with a give-and-take that’s impossible in traditional methods such as reading a book or listening to instructions on tape, says The New York Times.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on tutors, courses, books, or tapes. BRIC Language System is an affordable approach to learning a language, with results that will become apparent right away. Not only can you learn conversational Chinese, for example, from the native speaker, you can also learn the various slang terms and all about the culture when you have a connection to someone who lives there.

You can get corrections in real time for your pronunciations. Try getting that from a book! Because the native speaker has a perfect grasp of their own language, you can mimic their patterns of speech. They can give you valuable feedback in the moment so you can immediately correct yourself and get it right.

If you’ve decided learning with a native speaker is right for you, or you’re just curious to know more, fill out our convenient online form so we can better help you. There’s no better way to try our program risk free than with our FREE trial. Once confirmed, we’ll send you the date and time of your trial and send an invitation to our online meeting center. All you have to do is follow the invitation link and you’re on your way to learning Mandarin Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese or Spanish from a native speaker. You’ll be amazed at how effective this method is. We’re so confident, we let you try it for FREE!

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