Learn to Speak Chinese with BRIC

How the process works for our students to learn Mandarin Chinese

While learning a language may sound daunting, especially Mandarin – known for its complexity, it doesn’t have to be. With BRIC’s custom language learning program, learning Mandarin has never been easier.

It may seem obvious that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to learning a language, however, BRIC is unique compared to other online language learning programs in this department. We know that what works for learning Spanish, won’t generate the same success with Mandarin Chinese. Each language is different and diverse in its teachings.

So what does BRIC do differently that allows our students to learn Mandarin Chinese quickly, efficiently, and while having fun? We go straight to the language learning source by having teachers based in China. While other programs may use US based teachers who are far removed from the country whose language they teach, BRIC believes there is true value in learning from a teacher living right in the mix of the culture. BRIC focuses on connecting students to some of the best Chinese teachers located right in China to ensure the most modern and useful content for learning.

The BRIC Method:

  • We start by identifying the learning system best suited for each language, and start building the program from the ground up.
  • We then locate the best teachers in the thriving business cities who are best suited for adequate instruction.
  • Put our cutting-edge interactive online media to work to connect those teachers with students all over the world.

What is our “blendTech” approach? We combine the traditional teacher-style classroom with modern technology to combine the benefits of learning from a teacher, with the convenience of learning online.

Our language classes are online and fully interactive while being customized to your individual needs. Enjoy learning a language around your schedule.

BRIC takes the language learning a step further than simply learning to speak Mandarin. We incorporate the cultural education as part of our program so that students never feel culturally out-of-touch. Language guides include local perspectives, and helpful hints on how to interact in the culture. Our local language teachers help keep our students in-the-know about the current customs and etiquette of the locals.

Are you ready to become fluent in Mandarin Chinese while learning the ins and outs of the culture? Sign up for our free trial and we’ll match you up with the program level that best fits your current skills and proficiency in Chinese.