Why You Should Learn a New Language Now

Why You Should Learn A New Language

Whether you make it your New Year’s resolution or you just decide it’s time, here is why you should learn a new language. Perhaps you’ve been putting it off for many years now. You may assume it’s too late, but it’s never too late to start. From career to personal benefits, do it now!

  1. Gain confidence: Learning a foreign language can infuse you with confidence in your personal and professional lives. It’s a great way to overcome fears and doubts, particularly when dealing with co-workers, clients, a boss or even a new love. You’ll also be inspired to perhaps visit places you’ve never thought you’d go. Use language learning as a motivational catalyst to be all you can be.
  2.  Boost brain power: Psychologists have proven that students who study foreign languages score better on standardized tests than others who only know one primary language. They are particularly stronger in subjects like math, reading, vocab and grammar. Learning a new language can also improve the way your brain processes information, just like exercise strengthens your muscles.
  3.  Improve travel experience: Traveling to a foreign land isn’t just about the food or the Facebook pics. It’s about learning new cultures, communicating with the locals, and giving you a deeper appreciation for the people and the history that are a part of that. Knowing the local language can help you appreciate your trip on a whole new level as you gain vital enrichment experiences that truly make your visit worthwhile.
  4. Attract better employment: Knowing multiple languages opens up whole new worlds for you in terms of employment potential. In today’s globalized society, companies are expanding all over our country and indeed the world. That means increased interaction with others who don’t speak our language. You look much more attractive to hiring managers if you’re able to boast a second language and act as the liaison between that company and a client. Not only will you get the job over someone who doesn’t know another language, you can command a higher salary.
  5.  Explore the world: Learning a new language puts you in the unique position of exploring the world around you and seeing places you might not have otherwise. Study/work abroad in China or take a year off between college and career to explore the culture of Brazil.
  6. Immerse yourself in culture: Yes, you can technically learn a language by sitting in a classroom or in front of a computer but immersion in the culture is by far the best way to experience the true nature of a language. This is where you’ll feel most connected, the most in-tune with people to fully flesh out and understand the language you’re exploring.

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