Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language

Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language

Job Opportunities

The job market these days is getting more and more competitive. To stand out from the crowd it’s taking more than an impressive background. You need something that really sets you apart. Learning a foreign language and adding “bilingual” to your skill set is a sure-fire way to achieve that. Adding Mandarin Chinese or Brazilian Portuguese to your list of languages will certainly impress a potential employer. Not only will it pique enough interest to get your foot in the door, but it could be a deciding factor that makes them choose you over an equally qualified candidate. Another huge perk is that it opens an even bigger job market for you because you can look at abroad jobs as well.

Better Pay

Maybe you have a job but aren’t satisfied with your salary, or are looking for a job but they’re not meeting the mark with your salary requirements. Learning a new language and demonstrating how the language knowledge can benefit the company you’re at or want to be at is a way to set you apart and prove you’re worth the price.

Meet New People

Learning the language before traveling abroad allows you to connect deeper to the people you will meet. You can form lasting relationships all over the world connecting through the common denominator of language. You’ll also impress them by showing the effort you put in to learning a language outside of your own.

Health Benefits

You may not have thought that learning a language could be good for your health, but it’s true! Studies show that you can prevent and/or slow the development of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia by learning another language.

Improve Memory

Along with the prevention of degenerative diseases, you can also improve your overall memory. Studies show that those who learn multiple languages have bigger brains, are better at remembering things, and adjust to task changes faster and more efficiently. Multi-tasking just got easier by learning another language.

Laser Focus

Along with the health benefits and improved memory, those who learn multiple languages are better and retaining self-control and staying focuses as well as making better decisions. Having to choose which language to speak at any given moment also allows the brain the flexibility in other areas as well.

Improve Your Native Language

When you learn another language, you don’t think it’s going to make you stronger in your native language. But surprisingly, this happens quite often. While learning another language, you may find that you become more conscious of your grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation in your more commonly used tongue. You’ll also see improvements in listening, reading and writing skills as well.

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