BRIC’s Private Group Portuguese courses are designed for families, friends, colleagues, or any group of people that wants to experience the fun of learning a language together. The group setting allows for interactions and role playing activities that may not be available during a private lesson.  Questions you may not have thought of will be brought up by fellow group members enhancing the overall learning process. Choose this option if you have a group of 2 or more people that can do class at the same time. We will then set a date and time that is convenient for you and your group. Since these are online classes, everyone in the group just needs to be able to get online at the same time and day each week. Course descriptions can be seen here.

Private Group

We also offer Private 1-on-1 Lessons.


Our Open Group lessons offer many of the same advantages as the private group setting with the additional benefit of networking opportunities.  In the Open Group setting you will be learning Brazilian Portuguese with others interested in doing business in Brazil or in Brazilian culture. This allows opportunities to make new friends, clients, and contacts in Brazil and others like you that are interested in all things Brazil!

If you want to join one of our Open Group Brazilian Portuguese courses, classes are every Tuesday from 6:00pm to 7:00pm for 12 weeks and fill up fast so sign up now to reserve your spot.

Open Group

How it Works

We connect you are your group with the best Brazilian Portuguese teachers in the world. The classes are done over video-conferencing, using interactive online materials, and customized to your language learning needs!
Get your heads together with friends, family and colleagues to form your own Private Group or join one of our popular Open Group lessons that allow for networking with other likeminded professionals.
It's as easy as pressing the "Play" button and you're connected with your teacher and onscreen learning content. Your classmates will all be onscreen as well which provides for great interactions between teachers and students.
You can search out other programs, but you'll never find one as unique as the BRIC experience. You'll be speaking directly with teachers in Brazil and potentially meet them during your trips there!

Open Group Brazilian Portuguese

Course Level:


The open group classes by BRIC are for beginner students that want to learn Portuguese in a group setting. This allows students to meet and network with other likeminded individuals while learning the language! Starting at $250.00

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Private Group Brazilian Portuguese

Course Level:

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Private group courses are designed for families, friends, colleagues or any group of people that wants to experience the fun of learning a language together. Starting at $275.00