Why you should learn it: Although Spanish is not an official language in any BRIC nation, it is the world’s 3rd most widely spoken language, with some 400 million speakers in the Western hemisphere alone. It is an official language of the UN as well as 21 countries worldwide (19 of which are located in the Western hemisphere). Mexico is America’s 3rd largest trading partner, while Central and South American economies are flourishing. It is little wonder that Spanish is considered one of the most important languages today’s business leaders can learn.

Speaking Spanish will gain you entry into a thriving global business community. Based in Mexico City, BRIC’s language guides ensure that you learn today’s Spanish and not that of the conquistadores who conquered this land in the 15th century. You will need determination and dedication in order to master the language, but it can be done. Learning the language will gain you the respect of your Spanish speaking colleagues, business partners, and friends. It will open doors you never knew existed, and expose you to opportunities across Central and South America. Sign up for a free online evaluation today and start building your future…one BRIC at a time.

Spanish Learning System

How we teach: Professional and Precise. Most Americans realize the importance of learning Spanish but aren’t able to master the language. Why? Are a vast majority of US citizens simply “not language people?” The answer is a resounding NO. The problem is that the language programs in most public schools are mediocre at best and don’t focus on the fundamentals. At BRIC, we focus on grammar and sentence structure while, at the same time, work hard to get you speaking as quickly as possible on subjects of NEED first…and WANT second. It’s this emphasis on need-based learning and dedication to detail that will you have speaking Spanish in no time.

The BRIC Spanish system has been created according to the standards set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which describes what learners should be able to read, write, say, and understand at each level.

Other than for complete beginners, your BLOC Level will be determined by your Language Guide and Course Consultant following your free evaluation/course consultation. The decision on how many hours you would like to purchase is up to you.

Advantage BRIC

System Features In-school class Private tutor Rosetta Stone BRIC
Customized to fit the language No No No YES
Customized to fit the Student No Yes No YES
In Location Guides No No No YES
Modern Content No No Yes YES
Teaching Quality Maybe Maybe No YES
Cultural Training Maybe Maybe No YES
Full Interactivity Maybe Yes No YES
Personal Attention Maybe Yes No YES
Affordable Maybe No Yes YES
Schedule Flexibility No Maybe Yes YES



BLOC 1: Foundation Building – Beginner

Foundation Level 1: Basic Needs (48 hours)

Required Spanish Level: You have never taken Spanish or may know just a few words. Even if you have previously studied Spanish, this is a good refresher course.

  • FOCUS: Understand and use everyday expressions and basic phrases with a focus on satisfaction of basic needs.
  • TOPICS: Greetings, where you’re from, who you know, at the office, ordering food, likes and dislikes, athletic clubs, taking a taxi & giving directions, getting to work, bargaining, discussing rent, Mexico City life.
  • YOU WILL: be comfortable, not all conversations will be easy, many you won’t be able to have, but you’ll have what you need to get by. You’ll know 800-1,000 words, 45-60 sentence structures, basic grammar, and be able to have simple conversations with Spanish speakers.

Foundation Level 2:  Listening Comprehension (48 hours)

Required Spanish Level: You can already use simple sentences.

  • FOCUS: Understanding sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of importance.
  • TOPICS: Personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment, appearance, personality, making phone calls, giving directions, business situations, expatriate clubs.
  • YOU’LL KNOW: Approximately 700 new words and have improved listening and speaking comprehension. You will be able to communicate background information, details about your surrounding environment, and immediate needs in a simple and direct way.

BLOC 2: Mid – Levels – Intermediate

Mid-Levels 1: Extended Conversations (48 hours)

Required Spanish Level: You are capable of carrying on basic conversations but struggle to find the right words in all situations; there are some conversations you still can’t have.

  • FOCUS: Intermediate vocabulary and language structures, expanded cultural knowledge, and stronger communication skills.
  • TOPICS: Giving and receiving information effectively, describing tasks and chores, offering advice, Mexico City expatriate clubs, work, school, leisure, travel, airports, train stations.
  • YOU’LL KNOW: How to hold extended conversations in daily life while communicating more like a local. You can handle most travel situations, describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes, ambitions and briefly explain opinions and business plans.

Mid-Levels 2: Extended Conversations (48 hours)

Required Spanish Level: you are able to participate in most daily and business conversations, can conduct business meetings, and are familiar with local business customs.

  • FOCUS: Improving fluency and speed while building concrete knowledge of technical vocabulary related to your field.
  • TOPICS: Expressing opinions and emotions, all facets of conducting a meeting, manufacturing, quality control, finance.
  • YOU’LL KNOW: How to speak with a fluency that makes interaction with locals easy and interesting. You can open, hold, and close meetings and debate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats your business is facing.

BLOC 3: The Peak – Advanced

Business Elite 1: Business & Social Networking (48 hours)

Required Spanish Level: Passed Central Mid-Levels: You speak Spanish at an intermediate level but want to develop language skills that will allow you to successfully expand your business in Spanish speaking countries.

  • FOCUS: Language barrier removal and development of skills for day-to-day business communications. Understanding wide ranging subjects while recognizing the subtleties of the language.
  • TOPICS: Appropriate verbal communication inside and outside the workplace. Introductions, meetings, conference calls, extending invitations, and business dinners. Customized based on your personal and professional needs.
  • YOU’LL KNOW: Useful phrases for polite business interaction, how to network, take part in meetings, give speeches; you will be capable of producing clear, well-structured, detailed reports on complex subjects. You will be able to operate comfortably with polished communication skills in business, social, and academic settings.

Business Elite 2: Advanced Business Communication (48 hours and ongoing)

Required Spanish Level: Passed Business Elite I: You speak Spanish at an advanced level and can operate in all situations.

  • FOCUS: Develop knowledge of the principles and cultural subtleties of modern business and understand virtually everything heard and read.
  • TOPICS: Industry-specific vocabulary and discussions. i.e., business news, International trade, finance, manufacturing, marketing, real estate, customer service, HR.
  • YOU’LL KNOW: How to chair meetings, develop customer relationships, and give speeches and toasts. You will be able to express yourself in a precise way, taking into account cultural subtleties even in the most complex environments.

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