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Why you should learn Chinese: Seeing that it’s the world’s oldest continuous civilization, with a history spanning 5,000 years, China is hurtling into the future at astonishing speed – and it’s taking its language along with it. Mandarin Chinese is spoken by 1.4 billion people, making it the world’s most widely spoken language. It is an official language of the UN, the P.R. of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore. China is home to the world’s fastest growing major economy. Already the world’s second largest economy, it is quickly gaining on the US, which also happens to be its largest trading partner. China has gone from an economic backwater to powerhouse in only 30 years and, in many ways, has become the new “land of opportunity.”

All it takes is one heated negotiating session, or a Baijiu-fueled dinner meeting, to understand that if you want to stake your claim in this land of opportunity, you have to speak the language and that language is Mandarin Chinese. You can’t show up and expect success without learning Mandarin! It’s absolutely essential. Headquartered in SHANGHAI, the epicenter of the Middle Kingdom’s economic boom, BRIC’s Chinese language guides will ensure that you learn today’s Mandarin Chinese and not that of yesterday’s empire. They will take you from beginner to master. You will need determination and dedication in order to succeed but it can be done. When you learn the Mandarin Chinese language, you will gain the respect of your Chinese colleagues, business partners, and friends. Learning Mandarin will open doors that you never knew existed and expose you to a fast-paced and fascinating business world. Using BRIC’s innovative approach to Mandarin Chinese, you’ll unlock the mystery of China. Sign up for a free trial today and start building your future…one BRIC at a time.

Learn Mandarin Chinese

Temple of Heaven (Tiāntán temple – 天坛) in Beijing, China

Depending on where you live, your schedule and considering the time difference in Shanghai, some classes may be taught by a native Mandarin Chinese speaker living in New York City.

Unless you are a complete beginner, your BLOC Level will be determined by your Language Guide and Course Consultant following your free trial/course consultation. The decision on how many hours you would like to purchase is up to you.

Advantage BRIC

System Features In-school class Private tutor Rosetta Stone BRIC
Customized to fit the language No No No YES
Customized to fit the Student No Yes No YES
In Location Guides No No No YES
Modern Content No No Yes YES
Teaching Quality Maybe Maybe No YES
Cultural Training Maybe Maybe No YES
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Affordable Maybe No Yes YES
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BLOC 1: Foundation Building – Beginner

Foundation Level 1 –  Basics & Pinyin (48 hours)

Required Mandarin Level: You have never taken Mandarin or may know just a few words. If you have taken Mandarin before this is also a good refresher course.

  • FOCUS: Hanyu Pinyin pronunciation, basic conversational vocabulary, role-playing to improve communications.
  • TOPICS: Greetings, where you’re from, at the office, ordering food, nights out, likes and dislikes, athletic clubs, taking a taxi & giving directions, getting to work, the bargain, rent, Shanghai life.
  • YOU WILL: be comfortable, not all conversations will be easy, many you won’t be able to have, but you’ll have what you need to get by. You’ll know 800-1,000 words, 45-60 sentence structures, basic grammar, be able to have simple conversations with Chinese speakers and built a sense of Chinese culture and its social norms.

Foundation Level 2  - Listening Comprehension (48 hours)

Required Mandarin Level: You can already use simple sentences.

  • FOCUS: Listening: Role-playing and communication exercises to improve your listening comprehension.
  • TOPICS: Appearance, personality, making phone calls, giving directions, bargaining at the market, different business types, expatriate clubs. The guide will teach how to learn more efficiently while listening to others speak Mandarin during daily conversations.
  • YOU’LL KNOW: Approximately 700 new words and have improved listening and speaking comprehension. You be able to discuss emotions, personality types and be able to participate in many conversations both in and outside of the office.

Foundation Level 3  - Basic Conversation (48 hours)

Required Mandarin Level: You can already hold short discussions in Chinese:

  • FOCUS: Conversational Development: The ability to open, hold, and close a casual conversation naturally. Cultural training in order to enhance understanding of and communication with Chinese during practical daily interactions.
  • TOPICS: At the post office, bank, hospital, travel, markets, sporting events, bars, restaurants, the Canton Fair, taking a train, the airport.
  • YOU’LL KNOW: 800 new words; you’ll have the ability to tell short stories, give orders, make logical explanations, check in and out of hotels, book tickets, navigate train stations and airports, and be able to speak and understand enough Mandarin to participate in most conversations…you’ll even be fluent in some.

BLOC 2: Mid-Levels – Intermediate

Lower Mid-Levels 1 – Extended Conversations I (48 hours)

Required Mandarin Level: You already are somewhat fluent in most conversations but struggle to find the right words in all conversations.

  • FOCUS: Intermediate vocabulary and language structures, expanded Chinese cultural knowledge, and stronger communication skills.
  • TOPICS: Giving and receiving information effectively, describing tasks and chores, offering advice, Shanghai expatriate clubs, the Chamber of Commerce.
  • YOU’LL KNOW: How to hold extended conversations in daily life while communicating more like a local.

Central Mid-Levels 2 – Extended Conversations II (48 hours)

Required Mandarin Level: you are able to participate in most daily and business conversations, can hold business meetings, and are familiar with Chinese business customs.

  • FOCUS: Improving fluency and speed.
  • TOPICS: Expressing opinions and emotions, opening holding and closing meetings, manufacturing, quality control, finance.
  • YOU’LL KNOW: How to better understand and discuss Chinese business situations, as well as have a firm understanding of etiquette and the proper forms of address.

Upper Mid-Levels 3 – Proficiency (48 hours)

Required Mandarin Level: You possess a minimum vocabulary of 2,500 words:

  • FOCUS: Becoming a proficient speaker using complex language.
  • TOPICS: Complex topics will be given and students are expected to express themselves freely on different types of businesses including large corporations, entrepreneurial companies, manufacturing, finance, marketing, sales, and HR.
  • YOU’LL KNOW: How to effectively communicate your ideas in a natural way, as if you’ve been speaking Chinese for years.

BLOC 3: The Peak – Advanced

Advanced – Fine Tuning (48 hours)

Required Mandarin Level: You are already fluent and would like to further develop your language skills:

  • FOCUS: Language Barrier Removal.
  • TOPICS: Customized based on your personal and professional needs.
  • YOU’LL KNOW: How to operate more comfortably in social situations and polish essential communication skills.

Business Elite 1 – Business & Social Networking (48 hours)

Required Mandarin Level: Passed Central Mid-Levels: You speak Chinese at an intermediate level but want to develop language skills that will allow you to successfully expand your business in Chinese speaking countries.

  • FOCUS: Language skills for day-to-day business.
  • TOPICS: Appropriate verbal communication inside and outside the workplace: introductions, meetings, conference calls, extending invitations, and business dinners.
  • YOU’LL KNOW: Useful phrases for polite business interaction, how to network, take part in meetings, and make it through those Baijiu fueled business dinners.

Business Elite 2 – Advanced Business Communication (48 hours and ongoing)

Required Mandarin Level: Passed Business Elite I: You speak Chinese at an advanced level and can operate while speaking only Mandarin.

  • FOCUS: Understanding the principles and cultural subtleties of modern Chinese business.
  • TOPICS: Industry-specific vocabulary and discussions. i.e., business news, International trade, finance, manufacturing, marketing, real estate, customer service, HR.
  • YOU’LL KNOW: How to chair meetings, develop customer relationships, give speeches and toasts, and how to host those business dinners while dishing out the shots rather than having to take them.

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