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Learn Brazilian Portuguese, Mandarin or Spanish with BRIC

How do we determine which languages matter? We look at which countries matter and the languages spoken in those countries. With slow economic growth forecasts for Europe and North America in the coming decade, the success of US companies will be measured by their performance in the rapidly expanding BRIC economies, as well as in Mexico and Latin America. These emerging economies are among the fastest growing and most dynamic in the world. Our formula takes into account how many people speak each language, the economic clout of the nations speaking that language, and their trade volume with the US. We see the following languages as the most important for the 21st century:

Combined these languages are used by over 3.5 billion people worldwide. They are the official languages of 10 of the world’s 15 largest economies, and nine of America’s 15 largest trading partners. This is the definition of “important” as far as languages are concerned.

BRIC’s tailored approach to language instruction ensures that we offer the best method for each language. You will not hear BRIC brag about offering 70 languages, at 600 schools, in 40 different countries. We brag about being THE BEST at teaching the languages we offer.

Advantage BRIC

System Features In-school class Private tutor Rosetta Stone BRIC
Customized to fit the language No No No YES
Customized to fit the Student No Yes No YES
In Location Guides No No No YES
Modern Content No No Yes YES
Teaching Quality Maybe Maybe No YES
Cultural Training Maybe Maybe No YES
Full Interactivity Maybe Yes No YES
Personal Attention Maybe Yes No YES
Affordable Maybe No Yes YES
Schedule Flexibility No Maybe Yes YES