The BRIC and SUFE Program

Enjoy the experience of a lifetime while building your career with the BRIC and SUFE Program. The BRIC Language Systems and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) China Immersion and Internship Program (CBIIP) is a course with multiple dimensions that allows learning through experiential training. Through its 3-month long internship, learn cultural and linguistic training in a corporate setting with an experience unlike anything else currently offered. The cutting-edge program featuring corporate visits, guest speaker series, and networking events combines the talents of a top tier Chinese university with an award-winning language and cultural training company.

While CBIIP is a University quality program, participation is open to everyone; not just college students!

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) was founded in 1917, and is a multi-dimensional university with a focus on applied economics and management with theoretical economics as its basis. SUFE is not only the first Chinese university to offer a Business Chinese program to international students in Shanghai but also remains the only one to offer multi-level programs. SUFE is also the first to offer MBA and EMBA programs.

BRIC strives to give people the tools they need for success in a globally competitive age through its online language learning system. BRIC refers to those markets of Brazil, Russia, India, and China that are rapidly growing and dynamic in the world of business. BRIC offers languages that are the most valuable in today’s world, and tomorrow’s; including: Mandarin, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian and Hindi coming soon. The premiere modern language learning technique combined with its sophisticated technology allows BRIC to provide versatile and flexible environments for aspiring business professionals, leisure travelers, and everyone in between.

We know that there’s more than just classroom learning, and that today’s entrepreneurs and students crave an experience outside of that. This partnership allows us to provide a unique program that will allow practical training in business through “experiential learning.” Our CBIIP was meticulously designed to meet those needs of current and former students. Expect to experience both in-class learning activities paired with several site visits to local and multinational companies based in Shanghai, as well as guest lectures from both Chinese and international scholars and business leaders.

The program lasts 16 weeks including a 4 week language and business training portion followed by a 12 week internship. Get a leg up on your competition after graduation by learning Mandarin. An internship abroad in China will enhance your resume but is even more rounded out with the knowledge of Mandarin under your belt as well. Speaking the language will be a game changer for your long-term career. The reason for the foundation of BRIC and the driving force of this program’s partnership was the understanding that Mandarin is essential to seeking a career in China for young Americans.

Utilize the 24 hours of online instruction prior to arrival as well as the additional 92 classroom hours upon arrival to grow your language expertise. After those 4 weeks of language training, you’ll experience a 12 week full-time internship at local Chinese businesses, a 100% immersion into the real business environment. Your placement will be based on your education background, degree, and desired career path. You’ll be paired with a fast-paced growing startup to give you an involved experience with real world projects.

If this sounds like something that you’re interested in here is what you will need to apply:

• Complete the application form specifying your desired industry
• Send 2 letters of recommendation with your CV
• Arrive on schedule for the Skype interview
• Have a valid passport and visa (if necessary)
• Be at least 18 years old
• Make all payments on time

For more information, program details, and to apply, visit our CBIIP Program page.