At BRIC we are constantly looking for ways to help our students find creative and useful ways to put their language learning into practical use. Through the various programs we have created internally and through professional partnerships, you can experience China AND Brazil through the people who know the country best, the people!

If you want a more practical learning situation that will look great on your resume let us set you up with an internship in China or one of our Brazil internships. Want to get paid to go on an incredible adventure while learning Mandarin? Then apply for one of our English teaching jobs in China! Maybe you’re looking for a practical way to build your international career experience while learning the language at a whole new level. Our China Business Immersion and Internship Program may be exactly what you are looking for. No matter what your plans involve, BRIC has a solution to help you travel, grow AND experience the world.

China Business Immersion and Internship Program

Teach In China

China Internships

Brazil Internship