How an Internship Abroad Prepares You for Business Abroad

Whether you decide to study abroad or jump-start a new career overseas after you graduate, it’s critical to gain valuable experience. This is a must these days, what with the job market being so highly competitive, especially in countries like China. In these cases, you’ll need more than a college degree to get that competitive edge. That’s where an internship abroad can prove valuable.

Check out the many ways in which an internship can positively impact the future of your career.

Beef up Your Resume

Getting noticed by potential employers goes far beyond simply including your internship experience on your resume. It’s that valuable travel experience you gain as a result that will show employers you are a well-rounded world traveler who has gathered valuable life experiences. Yes, they will want to see the professional achievements too, but you will become irresistible to employers if you can reveal your cultural side as well.

Creating Valuable Connections

Internships assist you in building your very own global network of contacts. Everyone you come into contact with as part of your internship, from secretaries to vice presidents, becomes weaved into the fabric of your experience. This can prove beneficial when you need to call on a contact you met previously who may be able to get you in the door. It’s crucial to foster and cherish those friendships, maintaining them well after you have left the position. This will provide you with a long list of prospects that will later shape your career.

Intercultural Communication

Having the ability to communicate in a foreign land is about much more than just knowing the local language. While you will certainly need those technical skills to get by, you’ll also need to know the culture, the traditions, and all the non-verbal communication cues indicative to a language. Future employers want to know you have already established those connections and can hold your own in a dog-eat-dog world.

Pushing the Envelope

An internship abroad also assists you in developing personally, professionally and emotionally. You may be scared to face living in a new land – something that’s far out of your comfort zone. However, embrace those fears and overcome them, as you will need those boundary-pushing skills when you emerge into the real world. Push yourself today to succeed and you will face a smooth transition into the corporate world.

Many Options at Your Disposal

The choices for internships in your field of study at home can be limiting. By opening up your options, you give yourself many more choices that will include global experience. From marketing and finance to fashion and design, you can shape your career the way YOU want to.

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