How an International Internship Can Benefit Your Career

Whether you choose to study abroad or start a new career overseas after graduation, it’s important to get valuable experience under your belt. With the job market so competitive, especially in countries like China, you need more than a college degree to get your foot in the door. That’s where internships come in. Here are some ways in which an international internship is critical when it comes to the future of your career.

Intercultural Communication

Being able to communicate in a foreign land goes beyond knowing the local language. Yes, you need those skills, but you also need to know how to communicate in both unspoken and spoken ways. From understanding etiquette, gestures, traditions, in addition to the knowing and speaking the language will set you apart as a candidate. Your future employer will be happy to know you’ve already established those connections and have the ability to hold your own in a sea of competition.

Pushing Boundaries

An internship abroad can help you develop personally, professionally and emotionally. It may seem way out of your comfort zone to move to a new land to immerse yourself in the workplace while attending school. However, you will need those boundary-pushing skills in the real world. Pushing yourself now to succeed will help you immensely later on, as you watch your co-workers struggle with communication and integration initially. Life experience is so much more important than professional experience. Even if you never get hired on at that particular company, you’ve made new friends, learned about the culture, and gained confidence.

Choice is at Your Fingertips

The choices for internships in your field of study within your small community can be very limiting. When you open up your options to include global experience, you’ll be amazed at all the wonderful internship positions available to help you further your career. From finance and marketing to design and fashion, you have your pick of the litter when it comes to honing your future career experience.

Add to Your Resume

Sure, you’ll be able to include your internship experience on your resume for future employers but you can also add so much more – specifically, the travel experience you gained as a result. Employers want to see that you are a well-rounded person, that you have collected valuable life experiences along the way. Of course they want to see the professional stuff too, but if you can show what a versatile world traveler you are as well, you’ll be irresistible to employers.

Making Valuable Connections

Internships help you hone your own global network of contacts. Everyone you meet as part of your internship, from secretaries to vice presidents, knows someone who works somewhere who may be able to get you a job eventually. Foster those friendships, maintain them after the gig is up, and you will end up with a long list of prospects that can help shape your future career.

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