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Learning a language can be beneficial when it comes to growing a business. Let the language learning experts at BRIC Language Systems help you succeed in your business goals by taking advantage of our business-focused language courses and services.

Mandarin for Business

Brazilian Portuguese for Business

Spanish for Business


BRIC’s Revolutionary Approach was designed for the business professional and multinational corporations

Imagine being in the negotiating room with a foreign company and they speak English, but you don’t speak their language. You’re at a disadvantage. Most companies realize this when it’s too late, then scramble to hire someone who can speak the language, often sacrificing business acumen for language skills. To succeed in any foreign market, businesses need people with talent AND language skills.

We have built custom language packages for a number of the world’s largest companies, we can do the same for your organization.


Team Training From Teachers Living in China

Brazilians Teach Your Team Portuguese

Custom Spanish Lessons for Your Company, At Your Convenience

Private Mandarin Lessons & Cultural Training

Business Focussed Private Brazilian Portuguese

Learn Spanish from Anywhere with Private Classes

Group Lessons

12 Hour Course: $275/learner, 2 or more students required

24 Hour Course: $400/learner, 2 or more students required

48 Hour Course: $750/learner, 2 or more students required

Private Lessons

12 Hour Course: $400/learner

24 Hour Course: $750/learner

48 Hour Course: $1,300/learner

Corporate Discount

Discounts up to 20% and custom pricing and programming available.