How Yoga Can Help You Learn New Languages

Yoga helps you learn new languages by stretching your mind and developing your consciousness to learn from a cognitive and social perspective. Language awareness is important because it helps you learn languages based on perceptions and sensitivities. If you’re still not convinced, read on for 5 ways that yoga helps you learn a new language.

1. Yoga builds good habits

Yoga teaches us the principle of abhyasa, which you’ll learn eventually in your practice. Abhyasa tells us that to be a successful yogi, you have to practice regularly over a long period of time. Abhyasa helps you make a habit out of your consistent yoga practice.

In the same way, when you’re learning a language it’s easier to be successful if you do so regularly. If you practice a new language in the method of abhyasa, you’ll be able to be more dedicated to your learning experience and makes you more successful as a language learner.

2. You focus on the process

Yoga makes you realize that you might not make a new asana on the first try. It takes practice and multiple attempts to successfully make it. You need to spend time and think about how your body and your mind are reacting to that position. You also need to prepare yourself for the process. This means you’re focused on the journey to the objective and what you’re learning on the way, more than the goal itself.

In language learning, it’s a similar concept. As per Tanya Keating, a tutor at UK Top Writers and Revieweal, “you don’t focus on the end goal, fluency in another language, but you pay attention to every part of the journey that brings you there. By doing that, it’s easier to stay motivated.”

3. You don’t compare yourself

It’s natural for yoga beginners to compare themselves to others, even to the teacher and assistant. You wonder when you’ll get to that point. After a while, you realize that comparing yourself to others is not a part of successful yoga. It’s all about your own body and mind and your own progress. All you do now is compare yourself to yourself.

This is a good way to approach language learning as well. In fact, George Jameson, a language learning blogger at Best Australian Writers and Best British Essays, says that “you’ll lose your focus and motivation if you start focusing on others, because there will always be someone who learns more quickly than you. The important thing is focusing on your own progress and your own journey.”

4. The real progress happens outside class

Yoga isn’t just about the class itself. You keep focusing on relaxation and yoga principles outside the class and they become a part of your everyday life. This works for language learning too, because you need to keep working at it outside the classroom.

Watch a movie in that language, or think about the words your favorite characters are saying in the new language. Listen to music in that language, and read the news. Eventually, you’ll start thinking in that language and that’s when you’ll realize you’re fluent. For 20 great suggestions to practice the foreign language you’re learning, read this article.

5. The teacher is important

It can be difficult to find the right yoga teacher. If you don’t trust your teacher, they don’t inspire you, or they don’t understand your uniqueness, you won’t have a very good or successful yoga journey. This is the same concept for language learning. If your teacher isn’t good for your style of learning and personality, you won’t be motivated to go to class and learn. At this stage, you should look for another teacher who will click with you and help you progress.

Yoga is a lifestyle, because it changes your whole mindset, your approach to life and obstacles, your perspective on things, and your habits. If you’re starting to learn a foreign language, you’ll see how the principles you learned from yoga will help you a lot in mastering a new language. In addition to yoga, read this article for other top tips that will help you learn a new language successfully. As long as you realize the importance of the journey and you don’t get discouraged at the start, you’ll learn to focus on each new milestone and get results.

Ellie Coverdale, a writer and blogger at Academized and Ox Essays, shares her experience and tips on lifestyle, travel, and meditation. She enjoys combining different interests like travel and learning, and is always up for the next adventure. She is also a teacher at Big Assignments.