How We Teach

It sounds simple, yet no one else does it. At BRIC, unlike other online language learning programs, we don’t take a “one size fits all approach” to learning a language. We don’t use one method and apply it to all languages. We recognize that the best system for learning Spanish will not work for Mandarin Chinese, and that what works for learning Russian will not work if you want to learn Brazilian Portuguese or Hindi. The languages are simply too different, each with its own unique features that need to be accounted for. Our one-on-one online language courses, with teachers who are based in various foreign cities, is your sure-fire way to learn a new language.

Learn About blendTech from BRIC Language Systems

At BRIC, we begin by identifying the learning system that best fits each language, and then build from the ground up. Through a vigorous screening process, we identify top local language teachers (the BRIC Language Guides) in thriving business cities. We use cutting-edge interactive online media to connect the worlds best teachers with students anywhere in the world. It is the perfect combination of the traditional teacher led classroom approach blended with modern technology, which we call “Blended Technological Learning“, or blendTech. The BRIC system includes face-to-face coaching, online assignments, as well as networking opportunities with other students living in some of the most influential markets in the world.

We teach languages as they are spoken today. Other programs employ language teachers who live in the US, far removed from the country whose language they teach. If you want to learn Mandarin Chinese, for example, you don’t want to learn from someone who was born in Cleveland. They will likely teach you outdated words and phrases. BRIC takes the opposite approach, connecting you with the best Chinese teachers in China. We guarantee that our students will learn the most modern and useful content available, because our language guides teach from some of the world’s most vibrant business centers.

Cultural Competency Training and Management

Many language schools offer cultural competency training or sensitivity training as a separate part of their teaching package. At BRIC, we emphasize cultural training as a central part of our online language programs. We have a responsibility to ensure that our students are never culturally out-of-step. Our language guides share with students, local perspectives, including helpful hints like these:

  • Never give a watch as a gift to your Chinese counterpart. Watches and clocks are associated with death.
  • Invited to a colleague’s home in Mexico? Show up a few minutes late… arriving on time is considered inappropriate.
  • Avoid using the “OK” sign in Brazil…it is considered a rude gesture here! “Thumbs up” is acceptable and means “good” or “positive.

These are just a few examples of how BRIC’s local language guides will help you fit in with friends and business partners while living or traveling abroad. Because our language teachers are local, they not only know the language well but also the customs and etiquette of the local people.

Want to:

Learning from local language guides ensures that you receive up to date and modern content, a local accent, and a teacher with whom you can continue your studies if you move to that country. This grassroots approach to language training optimizes your chances for success.

We also offer language retention programs for students who have already learned a language but find it difficult to maintain their skills while living outside those countries.