How to Stay Motivated & Focused When Learning a New Language

Learning a foreign language can be seen as a necessity by some of you. Others might want to learn a new language to improve their general knowledge and have an easier time while traveling. Either way, to persevere you need to stay motivated and focused.

We are born with the capacity of learning any language. However, as time passes by, it might become harder to learn a foreign language. Harder, but not impossible!

Now, the thing with motivation and focus it’s that they need to come from within. You have probably noticed that when you start something new, you can easily find your motivation. But how do you keep it over time? And especially, how do you keep yourself motivated when learning a new language?

The truth is that learning a language comes with challenges and difficulties. So, keeping focused and motivated might become itself a challenge.

Make It About You

If you have decided to learn a foreign language for career-related purposes, you might lose your motivation and focus on the way. Even though some of you might be motivated to learn something new solely for money, you should know that money bring happiness up to a point. The happiness that comes after overcoming a challenge might be more fulfilling.

So, make learning a language something personal. Even though you learn it to use it in your career, find something about that language that appeals to you personally. Maybe it is the culture. Maybe it is the history of the countries that use that language.

Set Achievable Goals

One key element that contributes to maintaining your motivation and focus levels up is setting achievable goals. The excitement from the beginning might make you think that you can move mountains. And no one says you cannot. But this comes over time and experience.

To not get demotivated, you should set achievable goals. For example, you can set some goals like these:

  • learn 5 new words per day
  • Learn 2 new words about a specific topic per day
  • Learn one grammar rule per day

Set Targeted Goals

And to be easier to measure your progress, you can divide the parts of learning a new language. You can learn grammar and vocabulary. And you can schedule your days dedicated to grammar or vocabulary.

Also, focus on the topics that you want to talk about. For example, if you are not interested in political science, do not spend weeks trying to learn more and more words related to that topic. Instead, focus on topics that interest you.

Work Every Day

Why is it important to work every day? Because learning a language cannot be done in one week and progressive effort must be made every day. In order to keep your motivation level high, you need to make learning a language a habit. You can do this by establishing a routine that over time becomes a habit.

That is why it is important to do something every day. Of course, some days might be busiest than usual and learning a few words more difficult than ever. It’s ok. The next day learn more words. Learning new things every day will bring you major results.

Measure Your Progress

“To keep your motivation and focus levels high, you need to constantly see the results of your efforts.”, says Carol Harper who is offering assignment writing help at Essayedge. You can make your own system of measuring the progress by doing some challenging exercises at the end of your day.

Or, you can use apps like Duolingo or Clozemaster that help you measure your progress daily. You can even win badges and exercise your grammar, speaking and writing skills. You will then be more aware of your progress over time and your levels of motivation and focus will keep high.

Reward Yourself

Setting achievable and targeted goals and measuring your progress every day is a realistic approach to learning a foreign language. You might be motivated solely by the new things you are learning every day. But, after you have done something great, you deserve a reward.

Think about something you really want and promise yourself you will get it after 30 consecutive days of learning. You can even buy a calendar and circle the days that bring in rewards. Do not set big rewards after small challenges. You can have chocolate or ice cream after a day of learning. And you can buy a new pair of shoes after a month of learning, or go for that so desired trip.

Make Friends That Have the Same Interests

When there are two people having the same goals, they often lift others when their motivation level is low. It is better to expect these moments to occur because they are normal. So, consider enrolling in a language class and meeting other people who want to learn the same language.

Or, you can encourage your friends to take this challenge with you. Either way, you need to find people that speak the language you want to learn and contact them. Having someone you can exercise your speaking skills might be a boost of motivation. And these experiences will help you stay focused and willing to improve your skills.

So, What to Keep in Mind?

Keep in mind that learning a foreign language comes with challenges and difficulties. And keeping your motivation and focus levels high might be a huge challenge. Remember to set realistic and targeted goals and work every day. It is important to measure your progress and set some rewards for yourself.

Learning a foreign language might seem hard, but it is not impossible. And with motivation, focus, perseverance, and commitment you can easily succeed.

Scott Mathews is a photographer and content writer at BrillAssignment and He writes columns at HuffPost and Rushessay. One of his biggest hobbies is landscape photography. So, whenever he has some free time, you will find him in the middle of nature.