How to Embed Foreign Language into Your Daily Routine

Learning a foreign language is commonly associated with a great effort and regular practice. But incorporating a new language into a daily routine is something that many people fail to achieve and most end up just thinking of how to get out of doing homework and end up reducing their chances of success.

For example, in a survey done by Busuu, a language learning website, the results have shown that many language learners lacked consistency and only 13% of the participants claimed to practice a foreign language every day.

Besides, stewing over a textbook isn’t always an effective way to learn. The best way to practice a language every day is to embed this process into your daily routine and combine it with the activities you will enjoy.

Don’t know how else you can include a foreign language into your daily routine besides spending hours over a textbook? Here are some simply and effective tips to help you be successful:

1. Watching TV Shows and Movies

Learning Language With TVYes, spending some time in front of the TV and watching your favorite TV shows or movies in a foreign language can really benefit you. This is the best and, let’s say, laziest way to embed a foreign language in your everyday routine.

Just like a very famous TV show “Friends” helps global television audience learn English, any other TV show that you enjoy can help you perfect your foreign language skills. How? By listening to the dialogues, you get a chance to familiarize yourself with fluent speech, learn correct pronunciation and get acquainted with different accents and dialects.

Depending on your level, you can either choose to watch a TV show in your native language with foreign language subtitles, or in a foreign language with subtitles in your native language or entirely in a foreign language.

But can you truly learn a language relying solely on watching TV shows? Hardly. The language learning process is a set of many activities that work together to bring you to a successful result.

2. Watching YouTube

YouTube Language LearningIf you’re looking for the ways to improve your vocabulary in a foreign language in a cool and fascinating way, YouTube can offer you all the possibilities for that. YouTube influencers shoot videos that are often not scripted, giving you an opportunity to enjoy colloquial language in its finest form.

Here are the best channels to learn the most popular foreign languages:

  • – learn the most used English words and phrases, as well as get interesting information about different accents and learn how to understand them.
  • – learn Spanish pronunciation and improve your Spanish listening comprehension with a native speaker.
  • – watch live streams and regularly communicate with a French native speaker.

Many experts greatly support the idea of using YouTube in the process of foreign language learning. “With YouTube, you get a huge amount of content both for teachers and for students”, says Anna Thatcher, a former educator and a writer. “Besides, on specified language learning channels you can communicate with other learners and get great assignment help. It’s a great experience!”

3. Listening to Songs in a Foreign Language

Learning Through MusicWhile for the first two tips you need to find some time in your busy everyday schedule, this activity doesn’t require thorough planning at all. You can listen to music in a foreign language on your way to work or while working out in a gym.

In a forum on Researchgate, experts have argued about the positive effects of listening to music with lyrics in a foreign language. The results of this activity are claimed to be very beneficial, as it allows a learner to improve pronunciation and introduces the culture associated with a certain foreign language.

How else can music help you learn a language? It’s a great way to learn different slang and help you understand grammar better, as the lyrics are aimed at the artistic use of a language. Either way, it’s a great activity for your spare time.

Speak a New Language So That the World Will Be a New World

When learning a language, you discover a new culture and get a unique experience that opens numerous new possibilities. But to be successful in learning a language you need to embed it in your everyday life. Daily practice, effort, and persistence will bring you closer to success.

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