How to Build a Strong Start-Up: Successful Event at Columbia University

Yahoo Finance: Ryan McMunn CEO of BRIC Language Systems, Other Founders, CEO’s, Business Professors, and Lawyers Talk About the Successes, and Failures, That Go Into Building a Strong Startup.

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NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Jan 29, 2015) – “Be Brave” were the words of Ryan McMunn, Founder & CEO of BRIC Language Systems during the How to Build a Strong Startup event at Columbia University on January 24th. “If you give into the fear of failure, you’ve already failed. If you’re brave enough to start a business, you’ve succeeded in doing something 99% of the population wouldn’t do. You’re a success,” said McMunn. The event was a total success for all those in attendance.

The conference put on by IvyOasisNYC Executive Director Lisa Chau and President Canberk Dayan was an event not to be missed for those wanting to start their own business. According to Mr. McMunn, “the event was wonderful, I know that it was very beneficial for the students, Lisa Chau and her team are truly amazing.”

According to Lisa “it was essential for my panelists to share their personal stories, illustrating that there are many different paths to success and the reality of the journey is often fraught with great challenges. Entrepreneurship is extremely difficult and my speakers expressed this point with raw honesty, but all agreed that the rewards are worth the effort and dedication. Even ‘failed’ startups provide invaluable experience — very rarely do entrepreneurs succeed on their first try and even eventual success is built on a history of peaks and valleys.”

Many of panelists shared personal experiences of failure that eventually lead to success. As a sticker on the wall at the AlleyNYC says, “fail fast, succeed faster.” It is a little known fact that 80% of startups don’t succeed. It is essential that aspiring entrepreneurs hear from people who have done it, and become successful. How To Build a Strong Startup accomplished exactly that.

Jason Saltzman, Founder of AlleryNYC, summed it up best saying that it is “super important to share real life experiences with aspiring entrepreneurs. This event was real talk, with real people giving real life examples of what it is like to start your own business. I am looking forward to the next one.”