How Business Abroad Can Make You More Money

Did you know that learning a language and doing business internationally can make you more successful and get you more money? It’s true. Because you’re expanding your ability to communicate with new people, you are opening up doors that you never could have before. There’s no better time to challenge yourself abroad, expand your connections, and build your career overseas.

Let’s go over some ways in which you can make more money and be more successful overseas.

Cultural Experience Helps Your Career

Globalization and world trade are deepening ties between countries. Economies that are interdependent want culturally-savvy individuals who can help them navigate today’s complex business ecosystems. Those who do business in foreign nations have an edge over competitors who have never ventured abroad, says Entrepreneur.

If a company wants to tap into the Chinese market to sell a new product, for example, they will be more likely to select someone who knows Mandarin Chinese and/or lives in China to spearhead the initiative, right? It just makes sense. That person knows the culture, the business atmosphere and the language, as well as popular tastes. It makes no sense to hire someone with zero knowledge of the target market!

Cultural awareness and adaptability are key, particularly in regards to tapping into new nations and regions where a good first impression is everything. If YOU are this person in your organization, you can take advantage of your status and ask for more money and responsibility. Employers will recognize your worth and gladly pay it.

Problem Solving and Creativity

It’s no secret that working and studying abroad makes you more creative, entrepreneurial and mentally alert. Knowing another language and the associated customs gives you a ton of mental benefits, such as:

  • Flexibility
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Deep thinking skills
  • Improved ability to pick out subtle underlying connections and associations

This stems from an evolutionary trait that we humans have adapted to because we inherently crave new experiences. In fact, studies have suggested that we are hardwired to seek out the unfamiliar. Nowhere is this more pronounced than in traveling abroad for study or work. You’re living in an unfamiliar setting, interacting with brand new people, and trying out aspects of an entirely new culture. Your brain adapts to this overwhelming stimuli by forming new neural connections to strength your mental capabilities.

Pay Less in Taxes

If you are looking to expand your own company overseas, you’ll save yourself a lot in taxes, which are extremely high here in the States. If you are looking to work for someone else, you could be looking at up to a 40 percent increase in your salary. From lesser tax burdens to more savings and possibly an early retirement, the financial benefits of moving and working abroad are a-plenty.

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