A Guide to International Internships

International Internships

Landing an international internship can help boost your resume and set you apart from other job candidates in the future. However, the process for finding, applying and accepting an internship abroad can be a bit tricky, it’s best to have a plan. From doing initial research to connecting with mentors and prior employers for insight and networking options, to fine-tuning your resume, there are many steps to take to ensure you’re prepared for applying for an internship. Let’s not forget the interview! You’ll want to be on your A-game for the interview. Just remember to be prompt, be prepared and to follow up afterwards to help put you ahead the other candidates.

Once you secure an international internship, there are many more steps to get you ready before you make the big trip to another country. From securing your visa, planning travel and living arrangements to learning more about the culture and learning the local language – there’s a lot that goes into planning your international internship. We’ve outlined all you need to know to get an international internship and everything you need to know to get started on the path to success. And remember, you can contact us to get free advice on how to get started!