Getting Started With BRIC: Learn a New Language

You’ve made the decision to learn a new language and you’ve signed up for your first course … congratulations! Now what? Here’s what to expect from your first BRIC class and throughout the entire course. You’re doing a great thing getting to know a new language: Forbes says that 17 percent of U.S. citizens can speak more than one language, compared with 54 percent of Europeans. Let’s get those numbers up, America!

Signing Up

First, you have to choose the language you want to learn. BRIC offers Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. To get you started, and to ensure you like the program, you should register for a free trial. You will be assigned a course consultant who will help place you in the appropriate course level, or BLOC. The level you are placed in will depend on your prior experience with the language, if any. Because every language program is different, it’s important to be placed in the appropriate class so you gain the most out of your experience.


Knowing the cost of your language program is important so you can budget for it and know what to expect. Here’s a general breakdown for all classes, although it’s smart to call or visit the website for the latest prices:

  • 48 hours: $1,299
  • 24 hours: $699
  • 12 hours: $399
  • Small Group, 24 hours: $449

Technical Requirements

You can run the BRIC program on your PC or Mac, plus you can sign up for mobile apps for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device; however, it’s recommended you use your laptop for easier display and access to the learning content. You don’t need a headset to use the program but it does make communicating easier.

Choosing a Class

Selecting an online class is super easy. You just have to browse the BLOC levels and select your class by pressing the “Buy” button. The whole process is similar to that of a typical eCommerce website. Each commitment level is different for each class. For example, when you select 48 hours of Mandarin Chinese, it is suggested you take two to three classes per week for an hour and a half per class. Remember: it’s all online, so you can do it at your convenience, in your pajamas while sipping coffee!

What you get with BRIC

Throughout your courses, you get access to an innovative approach that is customized based on your needs and goals through one-on-one online classes, taught by native speakers in their native land.

Some advantages you’ll get as you navigate BRIC:

  • Customization to fit the language and student
  • In-location guides
  • Modern content
  • High teacher quality
  • Cultural training
  • Personalized attention
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Affordability
  • Full interactivity

The best part about BRIC is that you’re learning directly from language guides based in their native countries. For example, when learning conversational Mandarin Chinese, you will learn from Language Guides based in Shanghai who can let you in on the different cultural norms by incorporating cultural competency and sensitivity training into the lessons.

Get started now by signing up for your free trial. Start learning Mandarin Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese or Spanish today!